Sunday, August 2, 2009

Toffee Tops!

Not everybody has a sweet tooth but one who does will not skip toffee among thousands of sweets varieties in the market today. Toffee has been a welcome tease to our palates for decades, thanks to its rich confection of sugar, flour and oh-so-creamy butter. These three ingredients are brought beyond a boil, even reaching upto upto 310 °F, to give us that exact flavor and consistency that we just love. Add to that the creative juices of manufacturers who may add in nuts, raisins, nougats and every other sweet knick-knack to make our toffee experience even more satisfying.

If you were a child of the seventies (or some of the eighties), you mustn't have let those glorious toffee varieties slip past your tongue. Apple Bonbons (remember that chewy apple heaven), Assorted Toffo (that inimitable toffee classic with a green apple, strawberry, banana or pineapple twist), Bonfire Toffee (those lumpy conglomerations made of sweet old golden toffee syrup), Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs (ah, that couldn't-be-better combination of chewy toffee and milky Cabury chocolate)... these were the toffees that defined our lives back when we were such freaks for retro sweets.

If you ever wondered if you could come up with your own toffee masterpiece, you' ll probably be more interested to know that the process isn't all complicated. Simply boil the ingredients until they become a shiny mass of toffee goodness that's stiff enough to be shaped into anything of your fancy. The mixture will usually be poured into a tray and made to cool there or, if you're feeling a little playful, you can use molds of hearts, cartoon characters, stars or what have you. If you're serious about your toffee-making exploits, it's important to remember that different textures and consistencies will be achieved depending on the length of time the mixture is exposed to the heat.

But then again, why give yourself a hard time? You can always find a a nice wholesale retro sweetshop online that can give you your fantasy toffees without a sweat. If you're wondering about buying wholesale, why not? Who knows when you might need that sugar lift when you're all tired and weary from work? Fill your cupboards with all those lovely treats and you can just pick some when you want some. Besides, what's better than reconnecting with your childhood by actually tasting how it all used to be?

Remember Iced Caramels, Mr Tom Peanut Bar, Treacle Toffee and all those toffee-glazed memories of your childhood? Get those wholesale retro sweets and give yourself that retro break you deserve!


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