Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun with Gums!

Anybody who's ever appreciated candies in their life were crazy with gum at some points in their lives. Children of the seventies and eighties probably couldn't chew enough of their Anglo Bubbly, Cherry Lips, Devils Fireballs and all the other unforgettable retro gums of that generation. The good thing is, these retro goodies, along with every other candy that made the era extra sweet, are back. Although memories of that local candy store couldn't be traded for the world, today's convenience of simply ordering the candies from an online wholesale retro sweets shop is also welcome.

If you couldn't wait to sink your teeth into those chewy traditional sweets, go ahead get gum crazy all over again! But you'll probably have a better appreciation of them if you knew their history. Although nobody knows exactly where they came from, things seem to point to the early Greeks being the early chewers of a resin-made substance sourced from Turkish tree. Native Americans were also said to chew Spruce Tree resin until about the 19th century. At about this time, edible wax or paraffin substituted Spruce resin and this probably explains for the waxy retro sweets such as Wax Bottles.

In the late 19th Century, Paraffin or edible wax was introduced as a substitute for Spruce Resin. Although this trend was short lived, we do see similar examples in modern candies such as Wax Fangs or Wax Lips or the retro candy classic, wax bottles.

Gum flavors vary all over the world, but all gums are made of the same basic ingredients. They are all always tropical tree resin-based with some combinations of artificial substances such as polyvinyl acetate, wax or rubber byproducts. The rest is a mixture of corn syrups, sugars and many different flavors meant to satisfy every little gum baby's sweet little tooth. And they come in many different colors as well.

If you're wondering what makes gum chewy, its rubber latex base is mainly responsible. The first gums weren't all that easy to make and their flavors didn't stay on very long. But as they became more and more popular, makers were challenged by the difficulties and started to innovate until they finally came up with just the right products.

Modern chewing gum may be traced back to Mexican General, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna who, after his Mexican exile, started experimenting on creating an economical tire substitute. Although he never succeeded on this, he partnered with Thomas Adam Sr. and created the first mass-produced chewing gums called Adams New York Chewing Gum.

Today, there are many of these gums in the market, the most favorite of which are the classic flavors of the retro sweets varieties such as Eyepoppers, Fireball Jawbreakers, Fizzy Blue Bottles, Fizzy Vampire Teeth, Floral Gums, Fruit Gums, Fruit Gums, Fruit Salad Gums, Giant Smooth Cola Bottles and all the others.

If you can't wait to reunite with your favorite gummies, go ahead and search for an online wholesale sweets shop and see where this reunion takes you.


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