Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Retro Sweets - Yummy Gummies

We've known chewing gum as sweets all our lives. As retro sweets, in particular, chewing gums are very special to us. Remember Anglo Bubbly, Crazy Faces, Devil's Fireballs? They sure made the word gum such a household name back then. These days, this particular candy is taking quite a new and healthier form. Gum makers have been innovating with fresh, attractive ideas for their flavors, packaging and even ingredients. Now, you can buy chewing gum that offers added energy for busy yuppies or one with a type of sugar that's safe for diabetics. There are new varieties that have green tea and its supposed cleansing effect and there are those with medicinal herbs. In other words, gums have become more than just something we chew when we're anxious or excited. In fact, they still can be but with a whole lot more to them now.


It seems that everybody wants their gum healthy and beneficial and nobody looks likely to be disappointed. The whole gum industry is doing everything it can to put this particular candy at the top of its league. In fact, they've made these sweets into many different things that one might have never imagined they could be. Gums have been associated with weight loss, anxiety management, oral hygiene and even improved memory. Any gum lover would surely smile at these innovations by gum companies which have even gone into the extent of actually conducting their research just to prove that this type of candy is healthy for everyone. There are even gums that have the approval of dental groups and associations when it comes to their ability to promote oral health.


Many things have been attributed to chewing gum but one of the latest discoveries made yet is that it can be used as an energy booster or supplement. What makes energy drinks able to increase the energy level of those who drink them is now being considered as a main ingredient of gums which have lately been known for a variety of health benefits such as providing antioxidant protection to cells and simply being a body cleanser with its diuretic and laxative effect. If you're crazy about old fashioned sweets, of which gums make up a huge part, how lovely to hear that your favorite Lovely Jawbreakers can now have real cranberry and other fruit extracts that can make you generally healthier . Why not? If they still don't make antioxidant Jawbreakers, your favorite wholesale retro sweetshop could suggest this to manufacturers as “public demand.”


It's almost crazy that almost anyone can something different out of anything these days. Who could imagine that gum could make a difference in your weight, not just for the psychological satisfaction it provides but actually for the number of calories you lose while chewing. It's crazy but it's fun. Just how fun retro sweets should be!




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