Saturday, August 8, 2009

Retro Sweets Bubble Gum's Health Wonders

I used to think that chewing bubble gum was just some ordinary thing. We all chewed gum at some point of our lives, especially retro sweets bubble gum in our childhood days, which by the way are still very much available today. Bubble gum come in different sizes and flavors and like all other retro sweets, it never failed to take me into memory lane.

Chewing bubble gum has some positive effects according to several research studies in the field of psychology. It is more than just our refuge if trapped in the middle of something boring. Chewing retro sweets bubble gum can actually relieve us from psychological stress, whereby anxiety levels are amazingly decreased, manifested by lower levels of salivary cortisol which marks psychological stress. It has also been shown from tests that those who chewed gum have increased levels of alertness during mild to moderate stress, and significant increase in performance levels during multi-tasking activities. Chewing retro sweets bubble gum is also associated with weight management programs because of its ability to suppress appetite and can be a good alternative for high caloric food cravings.

I am pretty sure that those who often chew bubble gum is not aware of its positive and possible therapeutic effects because of bubble gum inherent reputation of just being a childhood treat. Therapeutic effects has not been proven, or at least in the context of my limited knowledge of recent researches in chewing bubble gum. But, from experience, chewing bubble gum have helped me divert my attention from something hurtful, or stressful. There were times when chewing bubble gum helped me get back into my feet during emotionally overwhelming experiences. And, when I am in the middle of doing many things, having to worry about so many reading tasks, I chew gum and then I am okay and relaxed.

I always keep a stack of bubble gum in my working table at home or in my car because retro sweets bubble gum keep me awake during long distance driving. Bubble gum surely are my favorite treats when I am bored, or when I am stress. Most especially, retro sweets bubble gum satisfy my sweet tooth’s cravings.


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