Monday, August 3, 2009

Those Luscious Lollies

Any hard candy standing on a stick is called a lollipop and it will have some stories to tell. Was this candy really named after a racehorse? It is said that in the early 1900's, a Connecticut-based candy maker made the world's first hard candy or sucker on a stick and gave it the name of the era's most famous racehorse, Lolly Pop. Lollipops weren't popular in the the US until about 1908 but it has `actually been a favorite since the 1800's in England where the word has a totally different history - lolly as an English dialect word which means tongue and pop meaning the popping sound when one sucks on hard candy. Whichever version of the candy's name's history will probably not matter today because there's only one thing that does when it comes to hard candy - lollipops rule!

Even way before the racehorse and the name, people have been said to be enjoying honey candy which they collected from bee hives using sticks. It is suggested that because honey was too sticky, sticks were used to make their candies easier to eat. Various civilizations across the world have also begun to make candies of their fruits while adding nuts as preservatives. Back then, only the rich could afford the sweets because sugar then was too expensive. Over the years, as sugar became cheaper due to increasing supplies, lollipops became more popular with many of the people believing hard candy came with sticks to make them easier to lick, suck and enjoy.
This candy is literally hard and consists of flavored sucrose and corn syrup solidified to stand on a stick . After reviewing their history, we find these old fashioned sweets have been around us for over a hundred years and it's interesting how much they've evolved. Some lollies are big balls while others are teeny weenies. Some are hard to the core and some surprise you with a chewy filling. Some are simply sugar swirls that could get really big you'd wonder how to fit them into your mouth. They can also come in different colors depending on their flavors.

Retro sweets have been making a come back and a wholesale retro sweetshop is what you'll need if you're feeling like scraping your teeth around those chalky DollieLollies again, gorging on those giant sized Drumsticks – Original or simply sucking the caramel out of those Wally Lollies.

And then there's Fruitty Lollies, Fruity Pops, Ice Cream Soda lollies, Jumbo Cola Lollies and all those long and hearty sucks of lollipops that you still couldn't forget since childhood. And maybe you don't need to because right now, you can just order those whoelsale retro sweets online and you 'll find yourself right back to that local candy store you and your gang raided ever so often and successfully each time. If you're going to do it now in your memory, as long as you brush your teeth, you'll be doing just fine.


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