Thursday, August 6, 2009

Halloween Treats of Retro Sweets

Everybody loves candies at Halloween. We all crave for those sweet little things that give us a nice, welcome burst of energy upon satisfying that sweet tooth in us. Those who grew up in the seventies will particularly love retro sweets which can be easily bought from any retro sweetshop online or even in one’s own neighborhood. When you talk about Halloween, you still usually talk about sweets more than ghosts. And never mind if you’re not the one trick-or-treating.

If you’re excited by all that sweetness in your mouth but worried what’s going to happen to the rest of your body, the solution is a no-brainer. Exercise! That’s right. Those old-fashioned sweets shouldn’t be a problem with modern interval workouts being particularly helpful under the situation. They make you burn calories both during and after the exercise. Doing this increases your metabolism which is really all you need to burn those sweets you just couldn’t pass up. Plus, those routines also boost the production of your natural fat burners. The best thing about interval training yet is you actually lose all that fat faster than traditional regimens. That means even if you lived right next to a retro sweetshop, you’ll still manage to keep yourself fit while devouring your favorite candies.

Basically, interval workouts are characterized by quick bursts of high-intensity moves alternating with longer activities of lower intensity. Even if you had more than mouthfuls of your favorite retro sweets such as Gobstoppers, Bassetti Liquorice Sticks, Fizzers and Love Hearts, or Pascalls Kola Kubes, those routines will work to keep you fit. A very common example of an interval workout is running as fast as you can for a few minutes and then slowing down and then going back to your original speed then slowing down again. It’s impossible for those sweets to keep hanging on. What’s great about this type of exercise is you don’t need any equipment. The best thing, though, is interval workouts are well-researched and proven ways of losing unwanted fat. Yes, even if you made those trips to your favorite retro sweetshop every Halloween.

If you just can’t resist those old-fashioned sweets that you loved to hoard when you were this little kid in the 70’s, don’t deprive yourself of that chance to become a kid again this Halloween. Just make sure that as an adult, you know how to burn those sweets away.

Once you’ve mastered interval workout routines, it probably won’t matter if you had to order more of those candies from a retro sweetshop every now and then. After all, there’s always a kid in everyone of us that has to be satisfied just like a kid.


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