Monday, August 31, 2009

Retro Sweet Gifts

With or without occasion, gifts are always the sweetest. The act of gift-giving alone is particularly rewarding as it allows us to experience the joy of making someone smile. What's mysterious is the fact that the best gifts aren't even the most expensive or those with material value. There is no one in the world who can argue that the gifts that tug at our heartstrings the most are those that bring us the simplest pleasures as human beings. In this arena, retro sweets are tops.

Whether it's a loved one's birthday or your anniversary, surprise her with a boxful of her favorite traditional treats. But you'll need some creativity for this. Think of those sweet and sugary varieties that she might have adored as a little girl. You may want to skip those Pint Pots for Heart Throbs and Jelly Bean Love Hearts and then stuff in those Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Strawberry & Cream Lollies, Friendship Rings, Jelly Cherry Lips, Scented Satins, Love Hearts Dip, ABC Alphabet Letters, Candy Love Hearts Lipsticks, Ruby Red Chocolate Hearts, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Candy Necklaces and Champagne Glass Chocolate Eggs. Think of a really nice way to make this box more romantic – red ribbons, maybe, and get a personalized box with her name on it.

Men are not excused from the charm of these traditional sweets, especially when they're given in boxfuls. For the man of your life, imagine how he'll love getting those Black Jacks, Pint Pots, Lager Tops and Space Dust. Of course, you don't want to give him something that leaves that sweet tooth hanging. Throw in those Wham Bars, Kola Kubes, Chocolate Footballs, Drumstick Lollies, Jelly Bean Love Hearts, Love Hearts, Fried Eggs, Friendship Rings, Strawberry Whips and Jelly Cherry Lips and he'll just love you more.

Or if you simply want to reconnect with friends you used to raid that local sweets shops with when you such candy creatures, let them drool all over again over those Rhubarb and Custard, Mini Love Hearts, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Refreshers Chews, Sherbet Fountains and Drumsticks.

Surely, these traditional sweets can do more than satisfy your sweet tooth. They can revive memories and friendships and that sense of being a child all over again.

If you're worried about the creativity part of giving retro candy gifts, you can always checkout wholesale retro sweets shops online. They usually have the widest varieties and the best gift arrangements to melt anybody's heart.


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