Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sugar, Oh Sweet Sugar!

Everybody who loves candy loves sugar and while this may sound simple, it can get just a little bit more than that. We know for a fact that sweets will have sugar as their main ingredient, but do even understand what else is involved? Whether you're talking about old-fashioned treats you can get from a wholesale retro sweetshop or the newer varieties you'll find in most department stores, sugar and the ways it goes will determine how and why we're going to love those bubble gums or candy bars. Yet until we know exactly what's going on with them, we'll never really understand why we're so crazy about them.

It is given, of course, that those who make these sweets know the differences among them. In particular, the differences will have something to do with the kinds of sugar that the candies come with as well as what might be used as substitutes. For example, some chefs like to use honey for their recipes but artificial sweeteners would also be available for diabetics and other individuals who, for some reason or another, might need to cut down on their sugar intake.

Although all candy lovers in the world naturally love all things sweet and sugary, there are different tastes of sweetness characteristic to the different types of sugar. The granulated variety, also known an table sugar, is usually what people talk about unless they say otherwise. These sweets are sourced from sugarcane or sugar beets and may be produced locally or imported. While granulated sugar is typically white, it can come as the brown varieties which bear no difference except for the molasses added. Light brown sugar has a mild taste and is typically used for making candy while the darker type has a stronger sweetness to it. Superfine sugar, also known as caster sugar, is another type and will be used as an ingredient in many sweets recipes. Finally, confectioner's sugar is the light and powdery type which is often used for baking cakes and pies as well as other mouthwatering desserts.

When it comes to candies that we all love, any of these sweeties may be used depending on a lot of factors such as consistency and the intensity of flavor. But to anybody who simply knows candies as stuff that satisfy their sweet tooth, it will not matter too much what types of sugar are in their mouth. As long as the combinations taste great, the experience will be appreciated.

Recently, a wave of nostalgia has been sweeping the candy world with the revival of retro sweets. If you were born to this era and would like to introduce your kids to what made your childhood such a sweetener, treat them to wide varieties of wholesale retro sweets which shouldn't be a job finding. Online and off, there will be a wholesale retro sweetshop that's ready to assist you with all the introductions you need to make.


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