Monday, August 3, 2009

Retro Sweets - Truthfully Toffee


If you loved your childhood, toffee probably had something to do with it.  Toffees are such sweet tooth favorites that barely anyone who's had any real nice experiences as a kid never went crazy over this candy.  That's because part of childhood is satisfying those cravings for sweets and among retro sweets,  these brown toughies are tough to beat.


The word “toffee” is quite interesting to play with.  Its history is not exactly known although some people relate it to a West Indies rum distilled from molasses.  It was called “tafia” and for most toffee experts, the candy might have originated from molasses syrup coming from the distilled liquor.  Today, we simply know our toffee to be caramelized sugar and butter. 

Another thing interesting about toffee sweets is that they're  so easy to love yet quite difficult to understand.  If you tried to look into their background, you'd be quite confused when some tell you that they're supposed to be hard and brittle while others say they should be creamy and chewy. Both camps would agree, though, that these candies are made of molasses and butter and that is perhaps as agreeable as defining toffee can get.  Other than that, there might be quite a conflict.


Looking into toffee the way Americans know it would tell you that the hard and brittle definition came from them.  When you listen to the English talking about chewy taffy, you'd know that's how toffee became creamy softie.  Simply put, Americans make their toffee harder than the English do and that's pretty much, it turns out, the only difference there is. 
Universally, toffees are candies made from a combination of a certain type of sugar, water and butter.   Some recipes call for some vanilla extracts, cream and other flavorings while others have theirs black. 


If you ask what defines the difference between good and bad toffees, the answer will be the same as if you asked the difference between other types of food – quality of ingredients and the recipe.  A lot of these old-fashioned sweets are made using the same process of mixing the ingredients and bringing them to a temperature that creates the desired consistency.  Other things that will have an effect on the quality of the produced candy would include timing of adding ingredients, cooking speed and, yes, altitude.  By some cosmic force, it does matter how your toffee turns out if you cook it at sea level or from a  higher place.  The lower the altitude,  the darker the candy will be.


An online wholesale retro sweetshop is just a click away if you're thinking of rekindling your love affair with toffee.  For your kids' parties, getting wholesale retro sweets will be a great idea for you to share all those special memories you had when you were a kid yourself.   These candies also make great giveaways for corporate events and even weddings.  Of course, you wouldn't hate the idea of having them in handy, would you?  Who knows when you might need that sugar lift?



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