Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Benefits of Licorice


When you talk about retro sweets and memories of that good old sweetshop you used to frequent as  a kid, your story's not complete without mentioning licorice.  Definitely, licorice has been one big bit among candy lovers around the world and across generations.  Whether you're buying from a retail or wholesale retro sweetshop, licorice is something that will not be out of the picture.  And deservedly so because this candy, which is actually a vine, does not only taste good.  It's incredibly healthy as well. 


Although licorice is more popular as sweets, it is quite impressive as a health food.  One of its more known benefits is the relief it provides to many respiratory conditions from the classic cold and sore throat to tuberculosis.  This ability of the vine has something to do with its tendency to promote coughing, making it a staple ingredient of many cough expectorants.  Aside from that, it is  also a laxative and has incredible ability to works against mouth,  stomach and gastric ulcers as well as viruses responsible for shingles and herpes.


Women in past centuries also relied on licorice for relief from the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause, thanks to its supplies of isoflavones which have estrogenic or anti-estrogenic effects.  These vines can even promote regularity in heartbeat with its ability to counter effects of having excessive potassium in blood which can cause heart problems.

The vine's antispasmodic property is particularly helpful for people with stomach and bowel problems as well those battling cancer, heart disease, hepatitis B and C and even HIV.  Also, it can prevent hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis by dissolving cholesterol deposits.   It is even said to be a magnificent fat burner which  makes it one of the safest and most effective ways to lose weight.


While licorice sounds like your all-around magic herb that can solve almost all health problems in the world, it is not recommended for those with hypertension and kidney ailments.  It also doesn't come without the usual risks of excessive consumption.  As with any other good thing in the world, it does have to be taken in moderation, whether as retro sweets or as health food.


Licorice happens to bring back a lot of the good old memories of youth.  If you were one of those who couldn't get enough of these vines when you were a kid, it would be nice to have a few moments of nostalgia while telling your kids about your adventures with this candy.  Or introduce them to all those retro sweets you used to go crazy about.  You can order them from any online wholesale retro sweetshop for wide varieties of wholesale retro sweets for you and your little ones. After all, if you're going to tell them stories of your youth, they should know how it must have tasted like.  Get them those retro sweets and make those stories more real.



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