Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting Serious with Sweet Licorice

Retro sweets are staging their most awaited comeback and they won't come complete without licorice. These sweetened herbs have definitely become more than just candies. They're actually part of our culture being our favorite pastimes back in those deliciously unforgettable days. Blackcurrant and Liquorice, Catherine Wheels, Army and Navy, Haribo Liquorice Wheels, Lions Liquorice Gums, Liquorice Toffee, Liquorice Torpedoes, Liquorice Wands, Liquorice Wood, Pascalls Liquorice Comfits and Pascalls Liquorice Cuttings are just some of the brands that became staples of our childhood. Those of us who lived to taste the glory days of candy for the first time are only so glad to see it happen all over again.

Today, these retro sweets can even be more appreciated beyond their sugar. They are still, in fact, herbs that treat a whole range of conditions from the common cough to herpes sores to pre-menstrual syndrome in women. It can come in many different forms as well depending on the ailment. For example, as a tincture, licorice helps heal canker sores. For skin problems, it can come as a cream or ointment. Gastric discomforts may be relieved by licorice in a capsule as well as respiratory problems.

Licorice in old-fashioned sweets may be used for general day-to-day health maintenance, although one still needs to check for genuineness of licorice content. Some products may claim to be licorice-based but don't actually contain the herb at all. In fact, star anise, which is another common herb, is being used as a substitute because of their resemblance in taste.

Of course, if you want licorice for its health-promoting properties, you won't get it as traditional sweets. You will probably go looking for bare and natural licorice root which has been used for centuries by people all over the world, especially in Asian countries, for health reasons. Licorice tablets may also be a good choice if you're always on the go or too busy to be munching on something for long.

If and when you do begin taking licorice as a health supplement, know that there are specific drugs that may cause adverse reactions when taken with it. Some of the most common are heart or blood pressure medicine, spironolactone, isocarboxazid, tranylcypromine, cyclosporine, insulin, glipizide, glyburide, metformin, troglitazone, rosiglitazone, pioglitazone and many others. It will, of course, be the safest if you could consult with your doctor before taking licorice, even licorice retro sweets.

However, if you simply want to enjoy that good old licorice taste in your mouth, have it as those old-fashioned sweets you always were crazy about as a kid. Your own children will most likely appreciate it f you get them this whole hamper of licorice treats as well other candies from a wholesale retro sweets shop. Just get online and start adding to your shopping cart.

Fundraising with Wholesale Retro Sweets

We all know school fundraisers are some of the best ways to acquire funding for school projects and activities. However, it's important to also keep in mind that it is not something you think about overnight and begin the following day. In other words, school fundraisers should be well-planned and well executed in order for them to be successful. Usually, the first thing that must be considered is what product to sell. Of course, when deciding on this, it's vital to look into where the fundraising will be held. If it's going to be in school, then it has to sell stuff that matters to people who'll be there – kids. And talking about kids, what could be more marketable than sweets? Whole retro sweets, in particular, should do just great because they come in such wide varieties that are just perfect for a fundraiser!

After deciding on selling those candies, you have to set a target as to how much you want to make from them. You have to be realistic on this one or you could just mess up other plans you may have which depend on the outcome of this activity. While those old-fashioned sweets are definitely bankable, they don't come for free nor does the labor that will be necessary to get this affair moving. Definitely, when setting this goal, you have to think about operational costs and how they're likely to affect the final tally.

Whatever you have planned at this stage would be useless without a program of action you should very well define a considerable amount of time ahead of the affair. If your team is known to work miracles at fundraisers, then you can probably do it in three weeks. But if you're average PTA or faculty members with more human capabilities, then you're definitely going to need more time – maybe even months just to get this all planned out with a high probability of success. Even if traditional sweets sound like such unbeatable things to sell at an affair like this, you still need to iron things out and what better way to do that than to create a checklist of things necessary to pull the affair together.

Of course, no successfully planned fundraiser actually works unless people know about it. Lack of promotion is a common pitfall of fundraising committees that may have prepared everything except inform people that their fundraiser exists. Coupled with getting word out about the affair is going public about what the affair is for. This definitely matters because people will always want to know what they're spending their money on.

As far as the money you plan to raise is concerned, you'll definitely be increasing your profit margin when you buy from an online wholesale sweets shop. Buying wholesale always lets you purchase at whopping discounts and when you're buying as much as what you would need for a fundraising event, these discounts surely make a world of difference.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wholesale Fun with Wholesale Sweets

So you're the happiest person on earth now that you know retro sweets are back. They are, of course, those candies that convinced you of life's goodness back when you were this little kid with an unforgiving sweet tooth. Now that you have your own kids, you want introduce them to those unforgettable sweets but actually, you just want to drown yourself in nostalgia. Don't worry, no one's telling. But if you're going to make a go for this plan, you might as well do it wisely – buy those sweets in bulk. Yes, buying from a wholesale retro sweets shop is the most practical way around it. That's because when you buy from a wholesaler, you don't only get to choose from unbelievable wide varieties. You also get your candies at incredibly low prices.

There's actually more reason why you might find buying wholesale sweets more practical. For your next corporate convention, these traditional sweets could be well appreciated by participants who might need an energy lift from time to time during the affair. Or if you're holding a fundraiser for a civic cause, these sweets could just spell success for your campaign. When you partner with a wholesale retro sweets shop, you can be assured that you have only the most number of choices you can pick from. You probably won't believe that these bulk candy sellers can offer you thousands upon thousands of different brands and types of candies. And they have an efficient way of assisting you in your choices.

Whether you want those candies for personal or corporate reasons, you are guaranteed of traditional sweets you'd be glad to indulge in. Simply get on the Internet and find yourself a online store's website where you can browse through options for different occasions from Halloween to Easter. Of if there are any particular retro sweets you have in mind, you can just search for them in the store site's database. In seconds, you'll be presented with varieties you probably never even thought existed. While it's great to reconnect with those candies you've always adored since childhood, it shouldn't hurt to try some new ones which may not be exactly new, just hidden in some unexplored portions of that old-fashioned local candy store you used to frequent as a kid.

Chocolate Footballs, Drumstick Lollies, Fried Eggs, Friendship Rings, Friendship Rings, Jelly Bean Love Hearts, Jelly Bean Love Hearts, Jelly Cherry Lips, Kola Kubes, Love Hearts, Hearts Dip, Parma Violets, Scented Satins, Space Dust, Strawberry & Cream Lollies, Wham Bars, etc. - don't they ever ring the sweetest-sounding bells! Yes, these old-fashioned sweets are back and waiting for your splurging on. What better way to do that than to buy them in bulk from a wholesale sweets shop!

Oh, Lollies!

There's a certain satisfaction from holding onto something in your mouth while holding it up with a stick. This is what lollipops are all about and when it comes to these hard candy wonders, the retro varieties are unbeatable. You're probably one of those lucky kids from that lucky generation when candies were at their best. Lollipops, in particular, couldn't have been better than Fruity Lollies,

Ice Cream Soda Lollies, Jumbo Apple Lollies, Traffic Light Lollies and all the other lollies in the world that made the 70's and 80's home of the best candies in the world. For everyone who loved that generation of retro sweets, you can stop yearning for them because they've come back to give your palate that teasing you have long missed.

Over the years, different lollipop manufacturers have cropped up and the good thing is, fresh ideas have been introduced. Still, those old-fashioned sweets remain to be the most favorite of all. They also come in such wide varieties. There are lollies with all sorts of fillings in them from chocolate cream to strawberry syrup. Some lollies can get even more surprising once you're done sucking on the hard part. There are even those battery-operated ones which twirl in your mouth. Lollipops come in so many fun shapes, sizes and tastes and this is the reason why among traditional sweets, they remain to be such universal favorites.

What's great about these lollipops is you can get creative with them and give them as gifts. They'll be sure to paint a smile on someone's face. If you're not sure about making your lolly bouquet, you'll readily find a wholesale retro sweets shop online to help you out. They will have loads of ideas and lollipops to make your gift the tastiest, most attractive they can get. Little girls will particularly appreciate those colorful lollies shaped in hearts or any other girly object. The possibilities are endless with those lolly gifts. Just get in touch with an online candy store and they'll probably even have a bouquet ready for you. You might even pick up some nice ideas if you've been looking for a way to make extra income without being away from home all the time. Your very own retro sweets retail store sounds just perfect! You can sell all your favorite lollies and all the other old-fashioned sweets you always yearned for when you once thought they were gone.

Tutti Frutti, Strawberry & Cream, Strawberry Ripple, Tongue Painter, Rhubarb and Custard, Tropical Fruit Lollies – can you taste them already?

Toffees and Toffee Retro Sweets

In the world of retro sweets, toffees are a natural favorite. Bonfire Toffee, Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs, Choc Lick (aka Licko!), Cinder Toffee, Coconut Crumble (aka Coconut Nibbles), Creamy Toffee Slabs, Curly Wurly - these were some of the names whose mere mention made our mouths water back in the 70's and 80's when candy ruled half our lives. If you thought they don't make them anymore, they still do - never stopped, actually. The only difference now is they've become hot all over again. Yes, those good old traditional sweets are back and not any less tempting.

Toffees are big because of their strong sugar butter goodness that are such tongue pleasers. If you thought they grew on trees, you're wrong again. They're cooked in pots then molded in trays. Toffee is a heavenly confection achieved with sugar, butter and flour boiling up to a certain degree of heat depending on what type of candy is preferred. The soft and chewy varieties are generally cooked over a shorter time than those hard, glossy ones. The cooking itself is actually simple and fun. At any point, nuts or raisins may be added. Cinder toffees, otherwise known as honeycomb or sponge toffees, are those with bubbles in them. You'd think there's some complicated cooking procedure required, but this bubble attraction is achieved simply by adding baking soda and vinegar while mixing. The reaction results in the formation of carbon dioxide which is then trapped in the mixture.

Surely, nothing beats those old-fashioned toffees you grew up with. Merry Maids, Milk Chocolate Covered Toffees, Mr Tom Peanut Bar, Reeses Cups, Roasted Hazelnut Toffee Slabs, Sharps Toffee Bonbons – if they ring a bell, they need not be trapped in memory. Just search for an online wholesale retro sweets shop and start adding to your shopping cart! When you buy wholesale, you also get to save. Plus, it's always a wonderful opportunity to infect your candy contemporaries with the nostalgia.

You may even be inspired to open your own retro sweets retail store. Or let your kids taste how it was to be a child in your time. Surely, you'll have loads of stories to tell them while munching on those goodies - those trips to the local candy store, the friends you went with and your adventures. Children will love tasting what they're listening about and you'll adore that nostalgic joy with all those old-fashioned toffee sweets you introduce.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Retro Sweet Sherbets

The word sherbet can take on many different meanings. In some parts of the world, sherbet means a fruity drink. In others, it's fruity ice cream. But for those of us who are simply yearning for a blast from the glory days of candy, sherbets are ABC Alphabet Letters, Apple Pips, Blackcurrant Giant Flyers, Candy Necklaces, Coal Dust, Cola Crystals, Cream Soda Sherbet (aka American Cream Soda)
Dip Dabs and so much more fruity retro sweets that are such delights to our tongues!

Can there be anything better about that generation of candies? Yes. Having them all over again right now. If you still can't believe it, search the Internet and you'll find hundreds of wholesale retro sweets shops with their vast supplies!

The same brands are definitely there and the same tastes for sure! What you'll love about sherbets is their every refreshing fruitiness! Sometimes, when candies give us a monotonous sweetness we almost couldn't anymore appreciate, a fruity twist always does the trick. Its fresh taste provides some sort of spark that gets our appetite rolling.

Sherbets come in many attractive shapes and sizes. There are those that are round, some are elongated, some are heart-shaped and some look like beans. Whatever their appearance, they truly stand out as favorite traditional sweets. Children love the fun ways they look and the many things that can be done with them. Candy Necklaces are a favorite of little girls. Mothers also appreciate those letter-shaped sherbets which help them teach the alphabet to their toddlers in an interesting and attention-grabbing manner. Kids in general enjoy dipping their sherbet lollies into these fizzy fruity powders before dunking them into their mouths. It must be people's natural love for fruits that makes sherbets such a hit.

For the adults who were once kids when these sherbets first won their hearts, these fruity treats are more than a passing fancy. These retro sweets could actually bring them back in time when all they cared about were their candies and their candy-crazed gang. It's particularly sweet to be able to taste those old-fashioned treats all over again while reminiscing about those good old days when the only problem in the world was how to buy your next bag of sweets from the local candy store.

Among other traditional sweets, sherbet sweets might be considered some of the healthiest simply because they are fruit-based. Fruits are known to be rich in vitamins that are necessary for strengthening the immune system. This makes them all the move beloved in the world of retro sweets!

These Sweets Called Licorice

Everybody has had one too many nice and sweet memories of licorice at some point in their lives. And that's not all the magic of these retro sweets. There is actually a world of ways that they have been enjoyed by people across the generations. Whether as drinks, medicinal cures or health maintenance herbs, licorice has always been one the most beloved foodies of all time. Of course, as candy, they couldn't be more special.

The word itself brings a fountain of memories. When we were kids, we just adored its sweet natural flavors. But did you know that from the time of the pharaohs, these herbs have been enjoyed as traditional sweets? That's how long these vines have made people's lives tastier. And they're the least boring things you could put in your mouth. Way before we knew licorice as food for our sweet tooth, it has been savored for centuries as tea, meal food, even booze and, of course, candy. Who knows what other varieties it may come in? What we're sure about is that licorice has a universal appeal that endears it to people across ages, social classes and history itself.
While the vine may be more valued for its health-promoting properties, it comes to us in the sweetest of ways as old-fashioned sweets. A look back in history would tell us that they have long been favorites everywhere in the world, especially in the United States, England, Germany, the Netherlands and Nordic countries. Those chewy black varieties debuted in 1914 as manufactured by the Chicago-based American Licorice Company. Since then, more sugary varieties were made and that's how we came to know the very favorites we had from childhood. Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts, Blackcurrant and Liquorice, Catherine Wheels, Army and Navy, Haribo Liquorice Wheels, Lions Liquorice Gums, Liquorice Toffee, Liquorice Torpedoes, Liquorice Wands, Liquorice Wood, Pascalls Liquorice Comfits, Pascalls Liquorice Cuttings - these were the ways that we loved our licorice back then and, guess what, we get to love it all over again now with the resurrection of these unforgettable traditional sweets.

Although licorice is known for its versatility, it will, to us, remain as a sweet nostalgic reminder of how good life was before when getting our next bag of licorice sweets was the most serious of our concerns. Back then when things were slower and simpler, we know we couldn't have better memories than the ways that sweet licorice has made childhood so much worth a looking back to.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Licorice Treats

It's hardly possible to imagine that sweet decade of the seventies without those traditional sweets. After all, that was the golden age of candy and without those savory tongue teasers, the baby boomers probably wouldn't be whatever they are today. Those trips to the local candy store, those white bags, those big transparent jars sparkling with all sorts of retro sweets – these were what defined every little sweet tooth's happiness and among the ultimate favorites, licorice stays on top.

Now, most people remember licorice to be a lollipop or a sweet, rooty twist or just about any type of licorice-made candy that gave the generation all the more reason to enjoy their childhood. In short, most know licorice as candy, but few realize that it's actually an herb that can grow in anyone's garden. It is a legume, to be exact, which bears round, tiny flowers. What gives licorice candy its unmistakable flavor, though, is the herb's underground root. This root can simply be pulled out from the soil, washed and chewed raw. Some even make tea out of it and the sweet flavor is just as delectable. In fact, licorice is said to be fifty-percent sweeter than table sugar, reason why it's a very good substitute for diabetic patients and those who need to regulate their sugar intake. Aside from this sugar-smart advantage of licorice, the herb is also known to help provide cure for a string of other diseases and conditions such as constipation, stomach ulcers, menopause symptoms and inflammation and respiratory conditions. Even smoking is said to be cured psychologically with a simple licorice candy.

Of course, licorice wouldn't be such a sweet thing if not for its being candy that brings a wave of nostalgia to anyone who holds dear childhood memories of it. As traditional sweets, licorice sticks and other varieties have been enjoyed by the world for centuries. Not all them are created the same, however, with some being healthier or tastier than the others. If you're serious about reconnecting with your licorice memories, there are some things you need to know about choosing the right licorice treat.

If you want your exactly those genuine retro sweets you went crazy about as a child, you have to know if they're made of licorice root extract. Or, if you would now like a healthier version, get something with molasses instead of sugar, but still with the same licorice flavor minus the extract. Some licorice candies are chewy and rubbery while others are waxy. There are even more varieties with sharper flavors, if you want your licorice with an extra oomph!

Of course, we'll always want our licorice sweets with the memories they drown us in. That sweet journey to the past surely can't get any sweeter with the exact flavor of genuine licorice retro sweets.

Sweet Hampers of Retro Sweets

Modern times have made it very easy to equate good things with material value. Diamond rings, high-tech gadgets, cars and other flashy, expensive objects have been often thought to be the answer to anyone's craving for the so-called good life where things are defined by their cash equivalents. But how lovely it would be to go back to those times when everything was like a box of candies – so sweet and reassuring. Back then, afternoons were as simple as going to the local candy store and life and enjoying its sweetness. While the possibility remains remotest for time travel, the simplicity of the old days could be revived with memories. And retro sweets offer the sweetest ways.

When looking for a perfect family gift, these old-fashioned treats will definitely stand out. And when they come in hampers, you'll put the biggest smiles on everyone's faces. It doesn't matter what family type you are – wacky, serious, conservative, liberated. You're all bound to give in to that attractive, delectable bunch of retro sweets just the same. Remember those Lemon Bonbons, Liquorice Comfits, Liquorice Wheels, Twisty Marshmallows, Marshmallow Strawberries, Pear Drops, Pineapple Chunks, Pint Pots, Refreshers Chews and hampers and hampers more? They are so back! And you thought they were gone.

It surely doesn't matter either if you're a threesome or a whole basketball team. For every family size there is, there's a rightfully sized hamper of sweets just for you. For the great in number, a gigantic wicker hamper bursting with all sorts of traditional sweets you loved as a kid could be a great introduction to your own kids about your once upon a time adventures. This humongous bunch is all of 55, 13.6 - kilogram different types of sweets with all sorts of twists, turns and surprises you and the entire household will love. For the medium-sized family, there's an appropriately sized surprise waiting to be exposed. The treat includes timeless classics from the boiled Rhubarb and Custard to the chewy Fruit Salad and Blackjacks to the all-time traditional sweets toppers like Wham, Space Dust and Parma Violets. This hamper is all of 33 different types of sugar memory-stuffed goodies, measures 45cm x 26cm x 19cm and weighs 7.6 kilograms. And then there's the smallest-sized hamper which isn't exactly small because it's still a mouthwatering assemblage of at least 20 retro sweets to give you the same blast from the past that you probably always yearned for while realizing how much you've missed them.

Just when we seem to lose everything to our heads trying to run companies or discover medical cures, retro sweet hampers just might be perfect to touch what might be those sad little hearts left in us.

Wholesale Retro Sweets

Someway, somehow, everybody's going to have a sweet tooth craving for a nice, sweet satisfaction. This is the reason why candies are always popular and in demand. Regardless of age, people will always have a special place in their hearts for sweets. Retro sweets, in particular, are a favorite for their time-tested goodness. Back in the 70's and 80's, children found joy with every Fizzy Cola Bottle they could sink their teeth into. Today, these old-fashioned sweets are made sweeter for the memories they bring.

If you've always wondered where those Candy Sticks, Curly Wurlies, Drumsticks Highland Toffees, or Love Hearts have gone, you'll only be pleased to know that they're making a comeback you probably always longed for. Wholesale retro sweets are now available online in wide varieties for that sweet, nostalgic tooth. Now ,it's time to remember how that candy shop used to make you feel sweet and innocent. When looking for your Banana Mallows, Barratts Shrimps, Black Jacks, Brown Gems and other favorites, the Internet is your best bet. There's a good number of wholesale retro sweets shops you can check out and compare for their products and prices.

Getting those traditional sweets is easier when you do it at home on your computer with your kids who'll surely love to be introduced to your childhood favorites while you get teary-eyed. But it doesn't mean you can be carefree when making choices. There are many wholesalers out there but they're not all created equal. Compare them while considering quality and price. Make sure the products are fresh. Also, look into shipment policies and services in general. You should be able to strike a balance between what they offer and how.

How to pay for those retro sweets is also surely worth some thought. Choose the option that is the most suitable and reliable. It should also work to do your research on which wholesale sweets shops are tops. You can check for reviews and comments to get an idea about the store you're planning to buy from.

The golden age of candy is most certainly back and if you loved it the first time, you'll love it more now when every bite, chew, munch and chomp is a reminder of how happy and sweet life was before. This comeback of retro sweets is also a great way to tell stories to your children about your adventures with each sneaky visit you made to that local candy store. With wholesale sweets, you'll have a whole bunch to reminisce over.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Retro Sweets Made Healthier

Anybody could have a reason for avoiding sugar. It may be to adhere to a weight-loss program or a diabetic patient's basic dietary guideline. Whatever the reason for wanting to avoid sweets is a personal matter, but the good news is, there's no need to torture that sweet tooth. There are sugar-free candies that can perform as well as their saccharide-laden counterparts. The better news is, you'll barely notice the difference!

Retro sweets are particularly ace at this. If you've always longed for those bagfuls of memorable sweets you used to equate happiness with as a child, you'll be thrilled to know that they're so back! And never mind if you're now hypertensive or diabetic. You may have changed a lot from the time they first landed on your tongue, but these sugar- free varieties still come with the same oomph!

Sugar Free Chocolate Limes are a certified favorite and has been so since those old-fashioned sweets weren't all that old. The tricky combination of chocolate and lime, which works so great on the palate, isn't only sugar-free but gluten-safe as well. If you've always yearned for those oh-so-yummy licorice sticks but are worried about the carbohydrate, have some Sugar Free Liquorice Toffees, instead. These are very close versions of the traditional favorite and they won't stop short of giving you the same satisfaction. Plus, they're gluten-free. Remember Aniseed Balls? Now that you're a lot more health-conscious, you can have Sugar Free Mint and Aniseed which is simply a lovely mix of tongue-teasing flavors, only healthier. If you're still a sherbet fan at heart, dig into Sugar Free Sherbet Oranges for that same tang and fizz of the classic recipe. More fruity fantasies come true with Sugar Free Super Fruits boasting of the best oils and essences, from Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Lime, Orange to Lemon.

Wholesale retro sweets shops are keeping a constant stock of these healthier alternatives just in case you've made some lifestyle changes. Still, all that same sweet goodness of retro sweets will not be compromised. On the other hand, manufacturers have also maintained and even widened their healthy varieties with gluten-free candies. Gluten is a potential allergen that leaves an individual with an impaired ability to absorb vital nutrients by attacking the bowel's inner lining where absorption takes place. In children, allergic reactions can lead to poor appetite, weight loss and stunted growth. Initially, the symptoms manifest as diarrhea or constipation which further worsens the disease. In adults, effects usually include depression, fatigue, anemia, bone problems and mouth sores.

The best news about these retro sweets is they're now available online so you can just search for an online wholesale retro sweets shop, order online, pay online and wait for those bags of nostalgia to arrive at your door! If you're thinking of a way to bond with your children, these sweets will be an unbeatable idea!

Gluten-Free Traditional Sweets

Anyone who's had a sweet tooth for at least thirty years will be glad for the comeback of those retro sweets that used to paint their childhood with rainbow colors. If you're one of those born to the glory days of candy, do not stall as you can now readily have your box of retro goodies delivered right to your door! Online wholesale retro sweets shops are just a click away and will be glad to drive you down memory lane with all those unmistakable brands of sweetness! ABC Alphabet Letters, Candy Love Hearts Lipsticks, Ruby Red Chocolate Hearts, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Candy Necklaces – yes, they're back! And with a vengeance because now you'll be loving them both for their taste and the nostalgia.

If you've always dreamed of this comeback, you're in luck because more and more retro candy stores are bringing their goods online so it's much easier for you to buy them. But no matter how much you long for those old-fashioned sweets, it's no reason to be indiscriminate about what to order. Food allergies are certainly something to consider if only for the fact that there is nothing in the world that causes more human allergies than food. If we're not careful about what we eat, we could find ourselves struggling with all sorts of reactions. Aside from that, food allergies also happen to be the most persistent and potentially dangerous type of allergies there are. And though science itself has not explained why, anyone exposed to an allergen can definitely expect symptoms.

When you take about candies, traditional sweets or newer brands, gluten is an ingredient you might want to be careful about. Gluten allergy is detectable from childhood, usually from the time a child is weaned and starts eating solid food. So if you're such a fan of those retro treats, you should know which ones to avoid if you already developed symptoms back then. Gluten allergy isn't even something you can take for granted. It can cause the immune system to attack the inner lining of the bowel, thus weakening it and interfering with the person's ability to absorb nutrients. Obviously, long-term effects can be disastrous.

The only thing a gluten-allergic individual can do is to avoid the food at all times. If you're worried about gluten-free retro sweets, don't be because they're still available and in wide as ever varieties as before! Apple Pips, Dinky Glass Jar - Strawberry Gourmet Jelly Beans, Sour Pips, Sugar Free Army and Navy, Rhubarb & Custard Pips, Sherbet Pips Kilner Jar – yes, all that gluten-free sweetness still works!

Retro Sweet Gifts

With or without occasion, gifts are always the sweetest. The act of gift-giving alone is particularly rewarding as it allows us to experience the joy of making someone smile. What's mysterious is the fact that the best gifts aren't even the most expensive or those with material value. There is no one in the world who can argue that the gifts that tug at our heartstrings the most are those that bring us the simplest pleasures as human beings. In this arena, retro sweets are tops.

Whether it's a loved one's birthday or your anniversary, surprise her with a boxful of her favorite traditional treats. But you'll need some creativity for this. Think of those sweet and sugary varieties that she might have adored as a little girl. You may want to skip those Pint Pots for Heart Throbs and Jelly Bean Love Hearts and then stuff in those Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Strawberry & Cream Lollies, Friendship Rings, Jelly Cherry Lips, Scented Satins, Love Hearts Dip, ABC Alphabet Letters, Candy Love Hearts Lipsticks, Ruby Red Chocolate Hearts, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Candy Necklaces and Champagne Glass Chocolate Eggs. Think of a really nice way to make this box more romantic – red ribbons, maybe, and get a personalized box with her name on it.

Men are not excused from the charm of these traditional sweets, especially when they're given in boxfuls. For the man of your life, imagine how he'll love getting those Black Jacks, Pint Pots, Lager Tops and Space Dust. Of course, you don't want to give him something that leaves that sweet tooth hanging. Throw in those Wham Bars, Kola Kubes, Chocolate Footballs, Drumstick Lollies, Jelly Bean Love Hearts, Love Hearts, Fried Eggs, Friendship Rings, Strawberry Whips and Jelly Cherry Lips and he'll just love you more.

Or if you simply want to reconnect with friends you used to raid that local sweets shops with when you such candy creatures, let them drool all over again over those Rhubarb and Custard, Mini Love Hearts, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Refreshers Chews, Sherbet Fountains and Drumsticks.

Surely, these traditional sweets can do more than satisfy your sweet tooth. They can revive memories and friendships and that sense of being a child all over again.

If you're worried about the creativity part of giving retro candy gifts, you can always checkout wholesale retro sweets shops online. They usually have the widest varieties and the best gift arrangements to melt anybody's heart.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun with Gums!

Anybody who's ever appreciated candies in their life were crazy with gum at some points in their lives. Children of the seventies and eighties probably couldn't chew enough of their Anglo Bubbly, Cherry Lips, Devils Fireballs and all the other unforgettable retro gums of that generation. The good thing is, these retro goodies, along with every other candy that made the era extra sweet, are back. Although memories of that local candy store couldn't be traded for the world, today's convenience of simply ordering the candies from an online wholesale retro sweets shop is also welcome.

If you couldn't wait to sink your teeth into those chewy traditional sweets, go ahead get gum crazy all over again! But you'll probably have a better appreciation of them if you knew their history. Although nobody knows exactly where they came from, things seem to point to the early Greeks being the early chewers of a resin-made substance sourced from Turkish tree. Native Americans were also said to chew Spruce Tree resin until about the 19th century. At about this time, edible wax or paraffin substituted Spruce resin and this probably explains for the waxy retro sweets such as Wax Bottles.

In the late 19th Century, Paraffin or edible wax was introduced as a substitute for Spruce Resin. Although this trend was short lived, we do see similar examples in modern candies such as Wax Fangs or Wax Lips or the retro candy classic, wax bottles.

Gum flavors vary all over the world, but all gums are made of the same basic ingredients. They are all always tropical tree resin-based with some combinations of artificial substances such as polyvinyl acetate, wax or rubber byproducts. The rest is a mixture of corn syrups, sugars and many different flavors meant to satisfy every little gum baby's sweet little tooth. And they come in many different colors as well.

If you're wondering what makes gum chewy, its rubber latex base is mainly responsible. The first gums weren't all that easy to make and their flavors didn't stay on very long. But as they became more and more popular, makers were challenged by the difficulties and started to innovate until they finally came up with just the right products.

Modern chewing gum may be traced back to Mexican General, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna who, after his Mexican exile, started experimenting on creating an economical tire substitute. Although he never succeeded on this, he partnered with Thomas Adam Sr. and created the first mass-produced chewing gums called Adams New York Chewing Gum.

Today, there are many of these gums in the market, the most favorite of which are the classic flavors of the retro sweets varieties such as Eyepoppers, Fireball Jawbreakers, Fizzy Blue Bottles, Fizzy Vampire Teeth, Floral Gums, Fruit Gums, Fruit Gums, Fruit Salad Gums, Giant Smooth Cola Bottles and all the others.

If you can't wait to reunite with your favorite gummies, go ahead and search for an online wholesale sweets shop and see where this reunion takes you.

Traditional Sweets for Your Pinata

We all have great memories of the birthday parties we went to as kids. How we just couldn't wait for that single moment that those candies came falling like rain from the heavens when the pinata was struck. Many adults are secretly longing for a chance to go back to those simple joys, especially those who have their own children celebrating their own birthdays. Of course, what better way to do that than to create your homemade pinata with those very retro sweets you adored as a kid.

Everywhere in the market, you'll find a lot of pinatas ready for a striking. From supply shops to department stores, pinatas are a fun and lovely sight for children and adults alike. However, nothing beats a pinata that is made specially for your precious ones. There will always be that special joy of summoning all those traditional sweets into one big exciting number which happy little faces will soon be whamming and whacking. Yes, there's is nothing quite like being the one who personally put together that big bundle of fun that's sure to make your child's birthday party simply extra special.

Creating your homemade pinata will first need you to decide what shape it will be. You can have it many different ways you can think of. You can have your pinata looking like a fish, a star, a horse, a dinosaur or whatever idea you can come up with. You don't really have to go through the trouble of putting the container together yourself. You can have a professional do this but with your specific instructions. You can even have your child's favorite cartoon character. The point is to customize the pinata to what you think your child and his or her friends will likely appreciate.

Now remember that though the shape and appearance will make the thing attractive from the outside, there is only one thing that the kids will genuinely be interested in – what's inside. Surprise them with all sorts of sweets you can think of. For greater varieties and simply more candy fun, you always have those old-fashioned sweets to rely on. Stuff in every little thing you can get from those candy necklaces to Space Dust. You can partner with an online wholesale retro sweets shop for this. The kids are just going to love what's in store for them!

Once your homemade pinata's done, hang it in a place where it will be convenient for you and the children for the stick-swinging. Also remember to put in a place that is spacious enough for the children to be safe while striking the thing. After all, this is all going to be about fun and once you've put everything in place and in order, the children will simply have to enjoy those surprise retro sweets you've prepared for them. Plus, you get the bonus of nostalgia while being transported to those times when it was you striking that pinata and fighting for those dear candies.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wholesale Fun from Retro Sweets

There's something about those old traditional retro sweets we used to love melting in our little mouths. Ah, those were the days. Each afternoon wasn't complete without a trip to the candy store which we've almost made into our second home. The friendly candy store man who was ever ready to give us just what we wanted, those large transparent magical jars that burst with our favorite sights in the world, that familiar scent of oh-so-sweet candy – these are the things that we just so miss about our childhood. The good thing is, they're probably the only things that we could have right back in our lives as though nothing's changed. Yes, those traditional sweets are so back all you need is to get them in your mouth today and be brought right back to those days.

Wouldn't it be exciting to introduce these retro goodies to your own kids? A good way around the idea is to buy these retro sweets in bulk from online wholesale retro sweets shops. This means you'll be able to save a lot. And you'll have great varieties to choose from. These wholesalers will usually have ever little sweet treat you might be longing to reunite with. The women will probably be looking for Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Strawberry & Cream Lollies, Friendship Rings, Jelly Cherry Lips, Scented Satins, Ruby Red Chocolate Hearts, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Candy Necklaces and Champagne Glass Chocolate Eggs – and that's only to name the few. For the men, you probably couldn't wait to sink your teeth into those Black Jacks, Pint Pots, Lager Tops, Space Dust, Wham Bars, Kola Kubes and Chocolate Footballs. With wholesalers, there's a very good chance you won't be disappointed because they usually have tons and tons of many different brands that you probably went crazy about when you were a little candy monster.

Another good reason to buy these candies in bulk is for you to be able to stock up for special occasions which don't even always have to be personal. For your kids' parties, these old-fashioned sweets will surely make everything more special. But even for the office, these candies can be interestingly useful. These candies can serve to be ice breakers during fundraisers, trade shows, project presentations and even large conventions. If you're creative enough, you can make them more useful whether you're in the office or in the field making a sales pitch.

You might also want to try the business side of wholesale candies. These retro sweets are, in fact, one of the hottest business prospects anyone can look into these days. If you notice, there's a very good number of wholesale retro sweets shops on the Internet alone. And they're making really good! If you're seriously considering joining the bandwagon, you'll find the market quite promising. As with any business venture you might be considering, selling candies is something you need to study and study well. The only difference is, when you're selling candies that satisfy your sweet nostalgic tooth, things could get a whole lot more fun. And when they're fun, you'll probably make more money.

Whether you're buying retro sweets for personal or business consumption, it's always great to have such sweet ways of going back to when things were so simple and joyful.

No Stopping Lollipops

So much has been said about lollipops. They are, of course, one of the best selling candies all over the world. But as retro sweets, they rock! Double Lollies, Fruity Lollies, Fruity Pops, Ice Cream Fruity Pops, Ice Cream Soda Lollies, Jumbo Apple Lollies, Jumbo Banana Split Lollies, Jumbo Rhubarb and Custard Lollies, Jumbo Treacle Toffee Lollies and Jumbo Tropical Fruit Lollies are just some of the names that made us go gaga back in the seventies when candy was all we could think of. And when it came to these lollipops, we were completely helpless!

Who didn't love those long, hard sucks? While some people preferred sinking their teeth into something soft and chewy, there were always some of us that went for the hard kill – hard candies and lollipops are king! Talking about these traditional sweets is always a fun thing but getting a little history into the picture could even be more exciting. Did you know the first lollipops were created by cavemen while they collected honey with sticks? They licked these sticks clean, making for themselves the world's first lollipops by accident. It is also said that prehistoric Arabs, Chinese and Egyptians created candies from fruit sand nuts using honey as a preservative. Sticks were then inserted into these ancient candies so they became easier to eat.

The stories go on about who actually made the first lollipops. In 1905, the McAviney Candy Company, which no longer exists, might have made lollipops without the intention. The owner used a stick while boiling hard candies and as a gift for his kids after each day, he would take home the sticks with the hard candy left on them. Sometime in 1908, he was said to have begun selling these as used candy sticks. There's still nothing conclusive about when the first of these used candy sticks were sold but if these stories were true, the Mr. McAviney just might have been the first candy company to sell lollipops.

Nobody knows exactly how or where lollipops really began but whatever their history, these beloved traditional sweets have always been part of children's lives. When these children will have become adults, they will gladly pass on their sugar joys to their offsprings by having them taste these lollipops as well. Today, this shouldn't be a problem as there are hundreds of wholesale retro sweet shops offering their goods online. One simply needs to search for shops, compare and choose which one seems to be the best. For those who simply need a dose of nostalgia, these lollipops will surely provide the sweetest memories ever!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Retro Sweets Bouquet

There could be many gifts you can give to any loved one but if you want something that is unique and sweet, a candy bouquet just might be perfect. A retro sweets candy bouquet is particularly lovable as it not only brings a load of sweetness - the memories that go with them are surely a winner! What's great is you can have a lot of arrangements to choose from. Just like flowers, candy bouquets also need a lot of creativity and, of course, the personal touch of the giver. Besides, only through this way can a gift ever be truly felt by a receiver. And since those traditional sweets are everyone's favorite, it will surely be a breeze pleasing somebody with a simple but heartfelt candy bouquet as a present.

There are some things to be looked into when giving a candy bouquet. When we give gifts, we always want to make them the best that we could give. This simply means that we always want these gifts to be able to deliver a particular message. With a candy bouquet, you can pour all your emotion and also be very unique at the same time. Candy bouquets are also becoming a trend these days. Gone are those days of traditional flowers. These days, people look for something exciting such as candy bouquets which are very much available at wholesale retro sweets shops.

One advantage that candy bouquets have over flowers is that these candies can last for a very long time – definitely longer than flowers. This type of gift surely works for somebody who is particular about the excitement that goes with the gifts he or she receives and still would like to have some more adventure. With a candy bouquet, things are made fresh and unique.

If you're worried that you're not particularly talented about making these candy bouquets, there is absolutely no problem as an online retro sweets shop can easily be reached. It is understandable that one can rarely find the time to go out and shop for those old-fashioned candies. Online sweets shops are definitely heaven sent when it comes to this. All you have to do is to search for one and once you find a store that you think could give you the best candies and service, order one of their bouquets and have it delivered right at your home. You don't need to go out of your house and buy those candies yourself. Just do a little mouse-clicking and some typing and you have your your bouquet ready to be given to the one you intend it for.

When you're looking for a gift that is ever sweet yet unique, Retro sweets are surely unbeatable, especially when they come in a candy bouquet which makes things a lot more exciting and new. For sure, the memories will come a lot sweeter!

Retro Sweets Online

In this day and age, anything and everything can happen. Candy stores finding their way on the Internet is not even an issue anymore, not to mention they're doing really well. Right now, there are innumerable cyber candy shops offering with a wide range of specialties. Some sell specific candy brand names while some have a whole variety of sweets from one generation to the next.

Out of these sugar goodies, retro sweets are the most in demand. Online wholesale retro sweet shops are making their goods extra special by going the extra mile of presenting them with the nostalgia of those years. They offer candy bouquets of these old-fashioned candies arranged in way that remind us so much of those sweet years. Anybody planning to give a loved one a treat will surely find nice choices among these shops' retro gift items.

Online candy wholesalers have been enjoying very good business since these retro sweets made a comeback. A lot of them have included more and more varieties of these candies with many different strategies and gimmicks for making their candies more attractive. These wholesales are also such a hit among both personal and corporate customers. A lot of companies have been in the practice of ordering these traditional sweets in bulk for many different office functions from project presentations to conventions.

There is, of course, great convenience offered by these online shops. People simply have to browse through products and rates on the their computers. This definitely makes things significantly easier for busy people who simply don't have the time to do traditional sweets shopping. Those who don't have the patience of going through candy after candy while choosing kid party giveaways, for example, will benefit much from these online stores which offer everything with the customer only needing to make a few mouse clicks and some typing. After all, what one simply needs to do is to log on to the online candy shop, place an order and pay online.

The technology of online selling has also proven beneficial even to the small candy makers who are now in a much better position as they compete with the giants. With their online stores, they are able to reach more people at very little cost. They simply have to use the right search engine optimization strategies in order to ensure that people will be coming to their online store and buying their old-fashioned sweets and other products.

In the end, it's simply simply nice to see how the nostalgia of those years are captured in today's technology through these online wholesale retro sweets shops.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Sweetest Gifts!

If you're planning to give out some candy gifts, a wholesale retro sweets shop is surely your best source of those nice and nostalgic goodies. This type of shop will usually have a really wide range of memory-filled candies from the guiltless __ to the healthier ones such as sugar-free and gluten-free treats. If you think you're too busy to go out and shop for these candies on foot, you can always rely on your computer. Simply connect to the Internet and search for online candy shops. You won't be disappointed as there will be hundreds that you can choose from.
Online wholesale retro sweets shops are your most convenient way of getting those traditional sweets for your loved ones. Simply browse through their site. You can find innumerable brands and candy types that you can choose from.

If you remember those Lemon Bonbons, Liquorice Comfits, Liquorice Wheels, Twisty Marshmallows, Marshmallow Strawberries, Pear Drops, Pineapple Chunks, Pint Pots, Refreshers Chews and more, you'll surely be glad for the decision to give out those old-fashioned sweets because you wouldn't have a hard time getting them together. There are even brands you thought they didn't make anymore but you'll be surprised that the same things that made your day when you were little are still very much around today.

If you're thinking of many people to give out those candies to, no worries as wholesale retro sweets shops offer their candies at prices that won't make it a problem for you even if you had to give bagfuls. That's because when you buy wholesale or in bulk, you are actually at great discounts. You will also enjoy a lot of customization for your orders because these shops recognize that different strokes go for different folks. What your needs may not necessarily be the same as the last shopper they had. Therefore, depending on how many items you want and depending on the very candies you choose to give out as gifts, you will be able to buy them at a fair price and even with some perks. These shops have been in the trade for a long time and they surely know how to find ways around so you can have the best value for your money. And, of course, nothing but only the best candies.

Whether you're thinking of giving out those retro sweets as corporate treats, as giveaways during personal occasions such as your kid's birthday or as gifts for a sick person in the hospital, you will enjoy great discounts from these sweets shops who will be more than glad to accommodate your needs . Or if you're simply looking for a way to get nostalgic and reunited with your childhood, these shops will be there to help you in any way they can.

Never Bean Sweeter Jelly Beans!

Everybody who loves retro sweets loves jelly beans. It may even be widely believed that these sweeties have only been around since the so-called glory days of candy back in the 70's. Actually, jelly beans have been around for almost a hundred years. Still, nobody is exempt from being charmed by this palatable mixture of sugar, gelatin,c orn syrup and food starch. Over the years, we may say that jelly beans have only become more and more beloved to candy lovers all over the world. In fact, they're making a very sweet comeback along with other traditional sweets.

What most people love about these sweet beanies is their tough-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside nature. In fact, this was exactly what we and every kid of the seventies was crazy about. Ah, if only we could go right back to those times! The only thing we didn't like about jelly beans was that we couldn't have them made at home unlike our caramels and choco fudges which mom always had a recipe for. With jelly beans, it took a special cooking technique. But even if we never had jelly beans made at home as we would have loved, we always found our way to that local candy store where we satisfy every little sweet tooth we had that craved for those retro sweets.

Remember Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans Bucket, Dinky Glass Jar - Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans, Strawberry Smoothie Gourmet Jelly Beans, Tangerine Gourmet Jelly Beans, Caribbean Coconut Gourmet Jelly Beans, Glass Gift Jar - Gourmet Jelly Bean Blueberry and Pie Gourmet Jelly Beans? Deep in our hearts, we know there are more of those traditional sweets that we miss. But it doesn't mean we can't have exactly what we're looking for. Today, we can just find an online wholesale retro sweets shop and order the very jelly beans we've been fancying being reunited about. And there's very little room for disappointment because these shops have such wide varieties it's nearly impossible not to find exactly what we want.

These traditional sweets have just become so much more than candy to us. In fact, jelly beans may well tell a story of our childhood. And they would be such great things to share bonding moments with our own children. Now that these sweets are making a comeback, there should be no better time than now to introduce the kids to exactly the brand of sweet childhood we had back then.

Retro Sweet Halloween Nights

Every 31st day of October, the world celebrates Halloween. It is one of the most beloved holidays of the year, especially for children who are always excited about the thought of going out dressed in their favorite characters. But aside from this, there's one thing that makes this occasion a very special day for the kiddos – candies! Lots of them! The kids have always been beholden by this tradition called trick or treating wherein they get to go around the neighborhood and have their favorite candies from each home they go “trick or treating” in. The retro sweets are, of course, the undisputed stars of this night.

The thought alone of getting those mouthwatering and unmatched old-fashioned sweets is already very exciting for the kids. But if they were to hear about the history of trick or treating, these little guys and gals will surely appreciate the tradition more. Giving out candies on Halloween traces its roots to as far back as the middle ages. Back then, poor people would go around town each November 1st and beg for food in exchange for prayers which they would say on All Soul's Day on November 2. There is also another story saying that people put food on their front steps as offerings for their dead who were said to roam a round the streets on this day as they supposedly try to go home. In modern times, giving out candies is a way of stopping the children from “vandalizing” a home by throwing eggs, breaking windows and the like.

Of course, it isn't really as bad as it sounds. Nobody throws eggs or breaks windows because everybody is given really nice treats on Halloween night. If a kid were to receive Candy Sticks, Curly Wurlies, Drumsticks Highland Toffees, or Love Hearts, there surely won't be a reason for things not to go happy and gay. If you're thinking about what to give the kids this Halloween, think about old-fashioned sweets. They have wider varieties and they come in affordable prices as well. When you buy them from a wholesale retro sweets shop, you'll be buying in bulk which means that you will definitely be getting discounts for the candies.

If you have children yourself but would not like them to go out on Halloween night, you can have a whole stock ready in your home. All you need to do is find an online retro sweets shop and take a look at the candies that you could choose from. Whatever that brand was that you went crazy about when you were a kid, this shop will probably have it. Besides, these traditional sweets are an exceptional way of sharing with your children some of the best memories you had when you were a child. The kids will appreciate your stories as well as the chance to actually taste what they're hearing about.

However you would like the kids to celebrate Halloween, the point is for everyone to have fun and with those Halloween sweets, that will be a very easy job.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jelly Beans' Old Fashioned Magic

If you loved that era when candies were at their best, Jelly Beans must have been some of your favorites. Imagine those days when you and the rest of your sugar-crazed gang trooped to that local candy store? Those were the days of retro sweets and you're probably getting all teary-eyed wishing those days could be back. Actually, they are back. Your ever favorite traditional sweets are back and definitely, those fresh and fruity Jelly Beans are once again out to put your sweet tooth under their spell.

If you really love these little pleasures, you'd probably be interested to know when and how they first made those Jelly Beans. It's actually fun to now that these little treats are said to be the first bulk candy because they were the first confectionary items that were sold by weight. This was in the early 1900's when it became some sort of staple sweets. Back then, these beanies were most in demand during Easter until they actually became part of the tradition sometime in the 1930's. The beans are shaped like eggs and since eggs are synonymous with fertility and life, these jelly beans became a very good way of capturing the spirit of the holiday.

Today, jelly beans are an ever favorite among the other old-fashioned sweets varieties. In fact, manufacturers have been producing these candies for nearly a century now. Their main charm, especially on children, is their fresh and fruity flavors as well the surprise (which isn't really) of getting into a gummy center after having licked and crushed the hard candy shell.

A lot of jelly beans are sold as a collection of many different standard fruit flavors. However, candy makers have been more innovative by adding in some spiced beans and gumdrops. Flavors can be strawberry, berry, tropical fruit, caramel and even softdrink. Jellybeans are normally bought in assortments but they may also be available in individual flavors. You can search wholesale retro sweets shops online and have a look at the varieties that these nostalgic candies may come in.

Jelly beans have been part of people's lives since they were first famous in the seventies and eighties when candies were undoubtedly at their best. Today, these favorite retro sweets are making a comeback, much to the delight of those who simply miss all that sweetness from their childhood. The good news is, these candies may be ordered very conveniently – online. No need to go out and wait on long cashier lines. Just get a wholesale retro sweets shop website and place your orders. Then you can just wait for your bag of retro goodies to be delivered. Simple!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Benefits of Licorice


When you talk about retro sweets and memories of that good old sweetshop you used to frequent as  a kid, your story's not complete without mentioning licorice.  Definitely, licorice has been one big bit among candy lovers around the world and across generations.  Whether you're buying from a retail or wholesale retro sweetshop, licorice is something that will not be out of the picture.  And deservedly so because this candy, which is actually a vine, does not only taste good.  It's incredibly healthy as well. 


Although licorice is more popular as sweets, it is quite impressive as a health food.  One of its more known benefits is the relief it provides to many respiratory conditions from the classic cold and sore throat to tuberculosis.  This ability of the vine has something to do with its tendency to promote coughing, making it a staple ingredient of many cough expectorants.  Aside from that, it is  also a laxative and has incredible ability to works against mouth,  stomach and gastric ulcers as well as viruses responsible for shingles and herpes.


Women in past centuries also relied on licorice for relief from the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause, thanks to its supplies of isoflavones which have estrogenic or anti-estrogenic effects.  These vines can even promote regularity in heartbeat with its ability to counter effects of having excessive potassium in blood which can cause heart problems.

The vine's antispasmodic property is particularly helpful for people with stomach and bowel problems as well those battling cancer, heart disease, hepatitis B and C and even HIV.  Also, it can prevent hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis by dissolving cholesterol deposits.   It is even said to be a magnificent fat burner which  makes it one of the safest and most effective ways to lose weight.


While licorice sounds like your all-around magic herb that can solve almost all health problems in the world, it is not recommended for those with hypertension and kidney ailments.  It also doesn't come without the usual risks of excessive consumption.  As with any other good thing in the world, it does have to be taken in moderation, whether as retro sweets or as health food.


Licorice happens to bring back a lot of the good old memories of youth.  If you were one of those who couldn't get enough of these vines when you were a kid, it would be nice to have a few moments of nostalgia while telling your kids about your adventures with this candy.  Or introduce them to all those retro sweets you used to go crazy about.  You can order them from any online wholesale retro sweetshop for wide varieties of wholesale retro sweets for you and your little ones. After all, if you're going to tell them stories of your youth, they should know how it must have tasted like.  Get them those retro sweets and make those stories more real.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Retro Sweets Bubble Gum's Health Wonders

I used to think that chewing bubble gum was just some ordinary thing. We all chewed gum at some point of our lives, especially retro sweets bubble gum in our childhood days, which by the way are still very much available today. Bubble gum come in different sizes and flavors and like all other retro sweets, it never failed to take me into memory lane.

Chewing bubble gum has some positive effects according to several research studies in the field of psychology. It is more than just our refuge if trapped in the middle of something boring. Chewing retro sweets bubble gum can actually relieve us from psychological stress, whereby anxiety levels are amazingly decreased, manifested by lower levels of salivary cortisol which marks psychological stress. It has also been shown from tests that those who chewed gum have increased levels of alertness during mild to moderate stress, and significant increase in performance levels during multi-tasking activities. Chewing retro sweets bubble gum is also associated with weight management programs because of its ability to suppress appetite and can be a good alternative for high caloric food cravings.

I am pretty sure that those who often chew bubble gum is not aware of its positive and possible therapeutic effects because of bubble gum inherent reputation of just being a childhood treat. Therapeutic effects has not been proven, or at least in the context of my limited knowledge of recent researches in chewing bubble gum. But, from experience, chewing bubble gum have helped me divert my attention from something hurtful, or stressful. There were times when chewing bubble gum helped me get back into my feet during emotionally overwhelming experiences. And, when I am in the middle of doing many things, having to worry about so many reading tasks, I chew gum and then I am okay and relaxed.

I always keep a stack of bubble gum in my working table at home or in my car because retro sweets bubble gum keep me awake during long distance driving. Bubble gum surely are my favorite treats when I am bored, or when I am stress. Most especially, retro sweets bubble gum satisfy my sweet tooth’s cravings.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sweets and Healthy Kids on Halloween



It’s not a surprise how children just love Halloween.  Kids adore it when they get to dress up like their favorite ghosts or monsters is  loads of fun, the parties are always extra ghoulishly exciting, and those pumpkins instantly get every kiddo in the mood for a nice scare.  But what do kids really love about Halloween?  This is a no-brainer, for sure.  Sweets! Candies! And lots of them! This is the time when modern and retro sweets combine forces and to make a big candy out of this one special night.  And every  retro sweetshop as well as those selling newer candies are well aware of this.  Moms and dads though might be worried about all that sugar.  But it’s not a hopeless situation.  There are things adults can do to keep the kids still healthy while not stopping them from satisfying those sweet teeth.


You can’t possibly deprive kids of eating sweets because that would be too cruel.  Besides, you wouldn’t want to take their childhood away from them.  Even adults would sometimes like to relive memories of those old-fashioned sweets they used to adore.   The kids can have a limit, though, on how much candy they collect while trick or treating.  A wise thing to do would be to have them walk from one house to another rather than drive them.  The walking will not only allow them to lose all that sugar through their sweat, whether they’ve had some of those adorable retro sweets or their new versions. They’ll also end up visiting less houses and, therefore, collecting less candies.  Having them visit only houses of friends should be a good idea.


If you’re worried that Halloween candy might encourage your children’s passion for sweets, let them know it’s okay not to eat everything they get their hands on.  Tell them to throw away  those candies that aren’t so attractive.  While they may choose to hold on to every type of sweets, including those you yourself love to loved get from the retro sweetshop and reminisce with, you will have taught them the value of thinking before eating and not have them just put anything in their mouths.


Honestly, all those sweets won’t really do your kids harm as long as you’re able to instill in them the importance of eating healthy food.  Make sure they go trick-or-treating on full tummies.  This way, you’ll cut their appetite for those candies, retro sweets or versions.  Since all that sugar is bound to make them thirsty, make sure to have them bring some water or milk to neutralize the effect.  


Halloween to your kids is more often than not a celebration of all things sweet and lovely. And they actually need these sweets to supply their bodies with energy and have them grow up to become strong, healthy adults. 




Thursday, August 6, 2009

Halloween Treats of Retro Sweets

Everybody loves candies at Halloween. We all crave for those sweet little things that give us a nice, welcome burst of energy upon satisfying that sweet tooth in us. Those who grew up in the seventies will particularly love retro sweets which can be easily bought from any retro sweetshop online or even in one’s own neighborhood. When you talk about Halloween, you still usually talk about sweets more than ghosts. And never mind if you’re not the one trick-or-treating.

If you’re excited by all that sweetness in your mouth but worried what’s going to happen to the rest of your body, the solution is a no-brainer. Exercise! That’s right. Those old-fashioned sweets shouldn’t be a problem with modern interval workouts being particularly helpful under the situation. They make you burn calories both during and after the exercise. Doing this increases your metabolism which is really all you need to burn those sweets you just couldn’t pass up. Plus, those routines also boost the production of your natural fat burners. The best thing about interval training yet is you actually lose all that fat faster than traditional regimens. That means even if you lived right next to a retro sweetshop, you’ll still manage to keep yourself fit while devouring your favorite candies.

Basically, interval workouts are characterized by quick bursts of high-intensity moves alternating with longer activities of lower intensity. Even if you had more than mouthfuls of your favorite retro sweets such as Gobstoppers, Bassetti Liquorice Sticks, Fizzers and Love Hearts, or Pascalls Kola Kubes, those routines will work to keep you fit. A very common example of an interval workout is running as fast as you can for a few minutes and then slowing down and then going back to your original speed then slowing down again. It’s impossible for those sweets to keep hanging on. What’s great about this type of exercise is you don’t need any equipment. The best thing, though, is interval workouts are well-researched and proven ways of losing unwanted fat. Yes, even if you made those trips to your favorite retro sweetshop every Halloween.

If you just can’t resist those old-fashioned sweets that you loved to hoard when you were this little kid in the 70’s, don’t deprive yourself of that chance to become a kid again this Halloween. Just make sure that as an adult, you know how to burn those sweets away.

Once you’ve mastered interval workout routines, it probably won’t matter if you had to order more of those candies from a retro sweetshop every now and then. After all, there’s always a kid in everyone of us that has to be satisfied just like a kid.

Father's Day Sweets

"Research tells us that fourteen out of any ten individuals like chocolate." - Sandra Boynton

Father’s Day has been a traditional and memorable occasion, especially for closely knit families who always take their time out to please the man of the house. After all, a father’s role in every family is special, and should not be taken for granted. He works to take care of the most basic needs, not to mention upholding the values he believes in through discipline and commitment. Most of all, a father is always there to share, to support, to listen and to love. Isn’t it just fitting that he gets to be a king, even for a day on Father’s Day? Father’s Day sweets are perfect ways to show your gratitude!

Shopping for Dad can sometimes be difficult because the options are so limited for male gifting. Well, if you sent him a book last year, and a tie the other year, and a bottle of perfume the year before that – perhaps Dad is expecting a shirt from you this year? Father’s Day gifts can be so confusing, even with the little choices you have.

If your father happens to have a sweet tooth, then look no further for the most non-conventional and satisfying Father’s Day sweets as gifts! Father’s Day sweets are not limited for fathers alone – you can also use them to give as a sincere Father’s Day gift to greet your husband, your grandfather and even your close friends. They will be simply delighted with our Father’s Day sweets at A Quarter Of!

Father’s Day sweets at A Quarter Of are prepared with meticulous care, and hand-picked for the finest collection you can find on the web. You will find the “Great Dad, Large Father’s Day Feast” an interesting mix of candies and chocolates, bursting in a specially designed charming wooden crate. Give Dad a surprise of his life by sending over some Father’s Day sweets! For all the extra-ordinary days you have spent together, for allowing you to cry on his shoulder, and for just being there when you needed him – Father’s Day sweets will count for every special moment.
Chocolates and sweets are just too hard to resist! Have you heard of anyone declaring a loathing for such sweet, delectable treats? Candies are absolutely not only for children alone! On Father’s Day, say it with Father’s Day sweets when you find it hard to say the right words. Make your Father’s Day gift this year extra special to make the extra-special man in your life beam with genuine pride and joy. Father’s day gifting is no longer a feat! Check out our online catalogue of fun-shaped, great-tasting Father’s Day sweets that are great for random nibbling, for light snacks and for after-meal desserts.

Satisfy Dad’s sweet tooth on Father’s day! He deserves more than just socks and ties, shirts and perfumes. Though all classic products, a Father’s Day gift can also be non-typical! So stash away those ideas for now and try Father’s Day sweets for an unforgettable surprise.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sugar, Oh Sweet Sugar!

Everybody who loves candy loves sugar and while this may sound simple, it can get just a little bit more than that. We know for a fact that sweets will have sugar as their main ingredient, but do even understand what else is involved? Whether you're talking about old-fashioned treats you can get from a wholesale retro sweetshop or the newer varieties you'll find in most department stores, sugar and the ways it goes will determine how and why we're going to love those bubble gums or candy bars. Yet until we know exactly what's going on with them, we'll never really understand why we're so crazy about them.

It is given, of course, that those who make these sweets know the differences among them. In particular, the differences will have something to do with the kinds of sugar that the candies come with as well as what might be used as substitutes. For example, some chefs like to use honey for their recipes but artificial sweeteners would also be available for diabetics and other individuals who, for some reason or another, might need to cut down on their sugar intake.

Although all candy lovers in the world naturally love all things sweet and sugary, there are different tastes of sweetness characteristic to the different types of sugar. The granulated variety, also known an table sugar, is usually what people talk about unless they say otherwise. These sweets are sourced from sugarcane or sugar beets and may be produced locally or imported. While granulated sugar is typically white, it can come as the brown varieties which bear no difference except for the molasses added. Light brown sugar has a mild taste and is typically used for making candy while the darker type has a stronger sweetness to it. Superfine sugar, also known as caster sugar, is another type and will be used as an ingredient in many sweets recipes. Finally, confectioner's sugar is the light and powdery type which is often used for baking cakes and pies as well as other mouthwatering desserts.

When it comes to candies that we all love, any of these sweeties may be used depending on a lot of factors such as consistency and the intensity of flavor. But to anybody who simply knows candies as stuff that satisfy their sweet tooth, it will not matter too much what types of sugar are in their mouth. As long as the combinations taste great, the experience will be appreciated.

Recently, a wave of nostalgia has been sweeping the candy world with the revival of retro sweets. If you were born to this era and would like to introduce your kids to what made your childhood such a sweetener, treat them to wide varieties of wholesale retro sweets which shouldn't be a job finding. Online and off, there will be a wholesale retro sweetshop that's ready to assist you with all the introductions you need to make.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Retro Sweets - Yummy Gummies

We've known chewing gum as sweets all our lives. As retro sweets, in particular, chewing gums are very special to us. Remember Anglo Bubbly, Crazy Faces, Devil's Fireballs? They sure made the word gum such a household name back then. These days, this particular candy is taking quite a new and healthier form. Gum makers have been innovating with fresh, attractive ideas for their flavors, packaging and even ingredients. Now, you can buy chewing gum that offers added energy for busy yuppies or one with a type of sugar that's safe for diabetics. There are new varieties that have green tea and its supposed cleansing effect and there are those with medicinal herbs. In other words, gums have become more than just something we chew when we're anxious or excited. In fact, they still can be but with a whole lot more to them now.


It seems that everybody wants their gum healthy and beneficial and nobody looks likely to be disappointed. The whole gum industry is doing everything it can to put this particular candy at the top of its league. In fact, they've made these sweets into many different things that one might have never imagined they could be. Gums have been associated with weight loss, anxiety management, oral hygiene and even improved memory. Any gum lover would surely smile at these innovations by gum companies which have even gone into the extent of actually conducting their research just to prove that this type of candy is healthy for everyone. There are even gums that have the approval of dental groups and associations when it comes to their ability to promote oral health.


Many things have been attributed to chewing gum but one of the latest discoveries made yet is that it can be used as an energy booster or supplement. What makes energy drinks able to increase the energy level of those who drink them is now being considered as a main ingredient of gums which have lately been known for a variety of health benefits such as providing antioxidant protection to cells and simply being a body cleanser with its diuretic and laxative effect. If you're crazy about old fashioned sweets, of which gums make up a huge part, how lovely to hear that your favorite Lovely Jawbreakers can now have real cranberry and other fruit extracts that can make you generally healthier . Why not? If they still don't make antioxidant Jawbreakers, your favorite wholesale retro sweetshop could suggest this to manufacturers as “public demand.”


It's almost crazy that almost anyone can something different out of anything these days. Who could imagine that gum could make a difference in your weight, not just for the psychological satisfaction it provides but actually for the number of calories you lose while chewing. It's crazy but it's fun. Just how fun retro sweets should be!



Your Sweet Tooth and Your Wholesale Retro Sweetshop


There's something about retro sweets that baby boomers will never get over. It's that memory of walking into their local retro sweet shop and standing in awe each time they're welcomed by the sight their favorite tongue teasers even if they've seen them for the millionth time. Whether it's Shrimps, Floral Gums, Space Dust, Anglo Bubbly, Sherbet Pips or anything that makes their sweet tooth smile, these kids would have never traded those magical moments of today's PS 2 or Wii. Memories of filling up their brown or white bags with every little sweet treat they could lay their hands on will always be special and for that same reason, a wholesale retro sweetshop is standing right by on every corner of the Internet to bring these sweets to a comeback.


These retro sweet shops offer the widest varieties yet of those old-fashioned sweets and whether you're looking for your Anglo Gum or your Caramac or your Giant Smooth Cola Bottles, you won't be disappointed.. Actually, they could give you a choice of upto 700 of the best old-fashioned sweets there ever were and probably will be. You can just launch your search for these shops and pick from a great number of wholesalers who would be more than glad to give you that dose of nostalgia you're looking for. In the website of the dealer you've chosen, simply type the name of that retro candy you're drooling over and you should view your choices in a second. What's great about these wholesale retro sweet shops is you'll never be inconvenienced in any way because you simply have to place your orders online, pay online and get your super fast delivery. Yup, that easy.


If you'd love to taste those candies again but wonder what you'd do with a bulk purchase, there's actually a lot of ideas you can tinker with. Retro sweets as wedding favors might be great. Now you don't have to be limited by the tradition of Sugared Almonds. Instead, you can wrap up more types of candies that guests will surely love, especially those who always knew how glorious these candies are. If you want to personalize your candy favors, that would also be neat, but if you want everything done and ready to be given away, nearly every wholesale retro sweetshop can do it all for you. They'll even suggest which ones make the best giveaways. Or if you're looking for something to give your staff or colleagues for a little sweet reward every now and then, order these candies and have jars of them scattered around the office. Everybody could use a candy lift and what a sweeter to do that than with a load of lovely memories from way back when. These wholesalers can even give you jars personalized with your company logo so the effort does feel more “official.”


Whatever your reasons for wanting those retro sweets all over again, don't just want them. Get them because now they're right back among us.




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