Friday, July 31, 2009

Retro Sweets Liquorice

There's no doubt about liquorice being one of the most beloved favorites of the retro sweets generation. Anyone who really digs it wouldn't mind having it red or black, firm or soft or slimy or gummy. But just in case you're hoping to get an in depth look at this unique- flavored candy and what makes each variety different from the others, read on.

If you're looking for that unique liquorice root taste, you'll find it with the black variety . The red ones and other types won't give you anything near the root's natural flavor. Black liquorice undoubtedly has a very strong following due to its distinct wintergreen flavor, although these days, it's more appreciated for its texture. But then again, color won't matter more than the fact that these old-fashioned sweets are such lovely reminders of how life was so sweet back when we were kids. Licorice' history dates back even farther into 17th century Europe where people now pay tribute to the 12th of April each year as National Licorice Day.

Then and now, there have been many brands of the candy and anybody might find it difficult to choose which one to buy. Whether you're talking about retro sweets or the newer varieties, look for those made with real licorice root extract. Not all licorice-tasting candies actually have extracts of the root, so it's good to research on which ones do. Healthy licorice candy would be that which has molasses and not corn sugar.

This candy root may also come as an American or Australian variety depending on its properties. American licorice may be firm and rubbery or a bit waxy in texture. Both taste the same, though, and differences in taste will depend on the brands. On the other hand, Australian licorice comes with a richer and fresher taste and a smoother texture.

This root is actually a health food on its own and its extracts are enough to provide relief to common conditions such as sore throats, coughs and cold. While it may be tempting to keep munching on those licorice sweeties in the hope of curing a common cold, too much of it may not be good for the liver. In fact, it can cause liver disease for those who are already predisposed either by genetics or a pre-existing liver condition. Even in candies, medicinal or not, it is important to remember that moderation is essential in maintaining one's health.

A wholesale retro sweetshop is the best place to get those retro sweets you may be fancying reminiscing your childhood with. Surprise your family at dinner with licorice you used to have a lot of fun with when you were all small with the biggest sweet teeth. If you've got children of your own, it could be a great way to introduce them to a whole range of retro sweets they'll surely love listening to your stories over.


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