Friday, August 21, 2009

Jelly Beans' Old Fashioned Magic

If you loved that era when candies were at their best, Jelly Beans must have been some of your favorites. Imagine those days when you and the rest of your sugar-crazed gang trooped to that local candy store? Those were the days of retro sweets and you're probably getting all teary-eyed wishing those days could be back. Actually, they are back. Your ever favorite traditional sweets are back and definitely, those fresh and fruity Jelly Beans are once again out to put your sweet tooth under their spell.

If you really love these little pleasures, you'd probably be interested to know when and how they first made those Jelly Beans. It's actually fun to now that these little treats are said to be the first bulk candy because they were the first confectionary items that were sold by weight. This was in the early 1900's when it became some sort of staple sweets. Back then, these beanies were most in demand during Easter until they actually became part of the tradition sometime in the 1930's. The beans are shaped like eggs and since eggs are synonymous with fertility and life, these jelly beans became a very good way of capturing the spirit of the holiday.

Today, jelly beans are an ever favorite among the other old-fashioned sweets varieties. In fact, manufacturers have been producing these candies for nearly a century now. Their main charm, especially on children, is their fresh and fruity flavors as well the surprise (which isn't really) of getting into a gummy center after having licked and crushed the hard candy shell.

A lot of jelly beans are sold as a collection of many different standard fruit flavors. However, candy makers have been more innovative by adding in some spiced beans and gumdrops. Flavors can be strawberry, berry, tropical fruit, caramel and even softdrink. Jellybeans are normally bought in assortments but they may also be available in individual flavors. You can search wholesale retro sweets shops online and have a look at the varieties that these nostalgic candies may come in.

Jelly beans have been part of people's lives since they were first famous in the seventies and eighties when candies were undoubtedly at their best. Today, these favorite retro sweets are making a comeback, much to the delight of those who simply miss all that sweetness from their childhood. The good news is, these candies may be ordered very conveniently – online. No need to go out and wait on long cashier lines. Just get a wholesale retro sweets shop website and place your orders. Then you can just wait for your bag of retro goodies to be delivered. Simple!


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