Monday, August 24, 2009

Retro Sweet Halloween Nights

Every 31st day of October, the world celebrates Halloween. It is one of the most beloved holidays of the year, especially for children who are always excited about the thought of going out dressed in their favorite characters. But aside from this, there's one thing that makes this occasion a very special day for the kiddos – candies! Lots of them! The kids have always been beholden by this tradition called trick or treating wherein they get to go around the neighborhood and have their favorite candies from each home they go “trick or treating” in. The retro sweets are, of course, the undisputed stars of this night.

The thought alone of getting those mouthwatering and unmatched old-fashioned sweets is already very exciting for the kids. But if they were to hear about the history of trick or treating, these little guys and gals will surely appreciate the tradition more. Giving out candies on Halloween traces its roots to as far back as the middle ages. Back then, poor people would go around town each November 1st and beg for food in exchange for prayers which they would say on All Soul's Day on November 2. There is also another story saying that people put food on their front steps as offerings for their dead who were said to roam a round the streets on this day as they supposedly try to go home. In modern times, giving out candies is a way of stopping the children from “vandalizing” a home by throwing eggs, breaking windows and the like.

Of course, it isn't really as bad as it sounds. Nobody throws eggs or breaks windows because everybody is given really nice treats on Halloween night. If a kid were to receive Candy Sticks, Curly Wurlies, Drumsticks Highland Toffees, or Love Hearts, there surely won't be a reason for things not to go happy and gay. If you're thinking about what to give the kids this Halloween, think about old-fashioned sweets. They have wider varieties and they come in affordable prices as well. When you buy them from a wholesale retro sweets shop, you'll be buying in bulk which means that you will definitely be getting discounts for the candies.

If you have children yourself but would not like them to go out on Halloween night, you can have a whole stock ready in your home. All you need to do is find an online retro sweets shop and take a look at the candies that you could choose from. Whatever that brand was that you went crazy about when you were a kid, this shop will probably have it. Besides, these traditional sweets are an exceptional way of sharing with your children some of the best memories you had when you were a child. The kids will appreciate your stories as well as the chance to actually taste what they're hearing about.

However you would like the kids to celebrate Halloween, the point is for everyone to have fun and with those Halloween sweets, that will be a very easy job.


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