Thursday, August 27, 2009

No Stopping Lollipops

So much has been said about lollipops. They are, of course, one of the best selling candies all over the world. But as retro sweets, they rock! Double Lollies, Fruity Lollies, Fruity Pops, Ice Cream Fruity Pops, Ice Cream Soda Lollies, Jumbo Apple Lollies, Jumbo Banana Split Lollies, Jumbo Rhubarb and Custard Lollies, Jumbo Treacle Toffee Lollies and Jumbo Tropical Fruit Lollies are just some of the names that made us go gaga back in the seventies when candy was all we could think of. And when it came to these lollipops, we were completely helpless!

Who didn't love those long, hard sucks? While some people preferred sinking their teeth into something soft and chewy, there were always some of us that went for the hard kill – hard candies and lollipops are king! Talking about these traditional sweets is always a fun thing but getting a little history into the picture could even be more exciting. Did you know the first lollipops were created by cavemen while they collected honey with sticks? They licked these sticks clean, making for themselves the world's first lollipops by accident. It is also said that prehistoric Arabs, Chinese and Egyptians created candies from fruit sand nuts using honey as a preservative. Sticks were then inserted into these ancient candies so they became easier to eat.

The stories go on about who actually made the first lollipops. In 1905, the McAviney Candy Company, which no longer exists, might have made lollipops without the intention. The owner used a stick while boiling hard candies and as a gift for his kids after each day, he would take home the sticks with the hard candy left on them. Sometime in 1908, he was said to have begun selling these as used candy sticks. There's still nothing conclusive about when the first of these used candy sticks were sold but if these stories were true, the Mr. McAviney just might have been the first candy company to sell lollipops.

Nobody knows exactly how or where lollipops really began but whatever their history, these beloved traditional sweets have always been part of children's lives. When these children will have become adults, they will gladly pass on their sugar joys to their offsprings by having them taste these lollipops as well. Today, this shouldn't be a problem as there are hundreds of wholesale retro sweet shops offering their goods online. One simply needs to search for shops, compare and choose which one seems to be the best. For those who simply need a dose of nostalgia, these lollipops will surely provide the sweetest memories ever!


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