Monday, August 3, 2009

Lolly Retro Sweets

Many people would love that opportunity to sink their teeth into those soft, mushy and certifiably heavenly retro sweets again - they sure made the the 70's heaven for that generation. But there are those who remain hard candy fanatics. Instead of playing with all that creamy goodness with their tongues, they'd rather go for long, strong and sharp sucks. And when it comes to hard candy, lollipops are tops. Lollipops have been part of kids' lives since they first appreciated their lolly rewards after each pediatrician visit. And what makes these hard sweets click with children is the way they come in many attractive colors, shapes and sizes.

Right now, there are thousands of companies making lollipops worldwide and over the years, there have been many innovations that have made the industry a bigger hit each time. Those who love the hard suck with a surprise ending will love lollipops with fillings from nougats to chocolate creams to fruit syrups. Some even have gums and sweet wine in them . Others can double as toys until the sugar's all melted and what's left is an inedible object that kids could still have fun with.

Those lollies also come in different sizes which make them more versatile as gift choices. If you're planning to give them away at your three-year-old's birthday party, you can choose the varieties with smaller balls. Or if you want them big, you'll have a bigger range of options to choose from. There's so much going on with those lollies and it's up to you to pick what suits your fancy. You can even have those twisted canes which can get really huge kids with the sweetest tooth would wonder how to finish them. All you have to do is find an online wholesale retro sweetshop that could give you the widest varieties of these old-fashioned sweets. And mind you, they can really bring back those days!

Strawberry Ripple Lollies, Fruity Pops, Dip Dabs, Traffic Light Lollies, Strawberry & Cream Lollies, Vimto Lollies, Double Dip - Original, Wally Lollies, Double Lollies, Love Hearts Dip and so on – they may be no more than retro sweets to most of us, but who knows what else they could be? Recently, lollipops have been taking a whole new shape as diet food. Because they're made of compact sugar, dieters rely on them for that energy boost while they cut back on their regular calorie intake. While this role of lollies remains scientifically unproven, a lot of people have claimed they actually worked to help them lose weight by providing them the energy they needed while dieting.

Wholesale retro sweets are especially great as giveaways for corporate functions where you might need an occasional wake-up call when you get bored. Or they can also make mouthwatering candy bouquets for debutantes who'll surely love retro sweetsover flowers. Or then again, get them for yourself and start getting lost in sweet nostalgia.


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