Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fruity Fantastic Sherbets!


Some kids may have skipped their fruits at mealtime, but they would never skip their sherbets.  These sugar-fruitty joys are all captured in those old-fashioned sweets  that we all couldn't get enough of.  Whether they came big and hard or powdery,  fruit or geometric-shaped,  hard or syrupy, these sherbets gave us a whole meaning to the world of fruits and maybe as kids, we would have loved it to stay that way. 


We'll never forget our teeny weeny Sherbet Pips  that gave us a big fruity smile, our Refreshers, totally sweet and fizzy,  the king of retro sweets, poppy sweet Space Dust-Strawberry,  Sugar Free Sherbet Oranges if we got queasy around sugar, and a lot more.  With every sherbet candy we could get, we had loads of happy memories to relive and be glad about.  That's  not to mention  Magic Colour Changing Space Dust!, Sherbet Fountains,  Sherbet Lemons Space Dust - Cola, Space Dust - Cherry, Sherbet Pips, Double Lollies, ABC Alphabet Letters, Dip Dabs, and so much more! Your online wholesale retro sweetshop will be more than glad to partner with your on your nostalgic pursuits.


Although sweet is all we could think of when we talk sherbet, the word is actually more interesting than that.  In fact, it is often confused with sorbet which is a French word for a fat free water and fruit-based frozen dessert that's anything but milk or ice cream. It does come with sweetener while others play it up with alcohol and chocolate.   Sherbet, on the other hand, could mean many different things depending on where you're using it.  In the US, it's something like sorbet  but it comes with the creamy twist of milk and a variety of fruity flavors from lime to orange and is used to make fruit punch or  alcoholic drinks. In Turkey, the word means a cold drink with rose hips, licorice and many other spices.  Turks even believe sherbets have healing effects and make mothers produce milk after childbirth.  In the UK, it is simply yet sweetly a type of candy you'll get in straws and with fizzy powder usually added to drinks.   The British are particularly crazy about Flying Saucers which come with eatable rice paper in different colors on the surface and that beloved sherbet fizz of powder on the inside.


If you loved your Blackcurrant Giant Flyers, Candy Necklaces, Raspberry Crystals and every fruity fantastic sherbet ever created, you'll be glad they're making a comeback.  Get those wholesale retro sweets for every family occasion.  Even for corporate events, those beloved old-fashioned sweets just might add color to all that socializing. 

Log on to an online wholesale retro sweetshop and let the sweet memories roll!





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