Sunday, July 26, 2009

Retro Sweets - Your Chocolate Highness!

These days, there are more and more reasons candies just might be more than sugar as we know them to be. Retro sweets or modern varieties, chocolates have particularly gained more respect with studies proving they have more health benefits aside from providing extra energy for children. Now, these chocolates can be antioxidants and anti-hypertensive agents which work both for kids and adults alike.

It has been found that dark chocolate as an antioxidant actually eats up free radicals and other destructive elements known to contribute to heart ailments. Milk chocolate does not exhibit the same ability, though, with findings showing that milk actually stops the full absorption of the chocolate's antioxidants and could even block what good that the chocolate may have to offer.

The study involved six hypertensive men and women who showed signs of reduced blood pressure after going through a regimen that needed them to eat a daily average of 100 grams of dark chocolate for one set as control variable and the same amount of milk chocolate for the other set as experimental variable. After the study, those who consumed dark chocolate showed improved blood pressure while those that ate milk chocolate didn't exhibit any significant improvements.

A second batch consisted of seven healthy men and women were made to eat dark chocolate on the first day, chocolate with a small glass of whole milk on the second day, and milk chocolate on the third day. The subjects' blood samples were analyzed an hour after they consumed the assigned food each day of the experiment and results from the first day, when they ate only dark chocolates, showed significantly higher amounts of antioxidants in their blood compared to those on the other days.

If you're asking what it is in dark chocolate that makes it healthy to eat, plant phenols are it, particularly cocoa phenols which are proven blood pressure reducers. European chocolates are known to be very abundant in these phenols which are responsible for their darker color. Generally, the darker the chocolate, the healthier it is.

Still, health professionals say that's not a reason to start binging on these luscious sweets. This means even if you eat them for health reasons, you're still going to need to exercise or balance your diet by consuming less calories from other sources.

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