Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Candy Bars – It’s A Sweets Life!

If you have a passion for sweets, you know that candy bars are such special treats. Whether it’s a modern brand or one of those fabulous retro sweets, candy bars are always such adorable candies with cocoa butter, sugar and milk being the main ingredients. These sweets are also classified as white, milk and dark chocolate. What adds to the already full flavor of these sweets are such ingredients as vanilla extracts and soy lecithin. Whether you get them from a retro sweetshop or the supermarket, these bars are always a lovely treat. And they come in varieties, some with fruits and nuts and others with caramel, marshmallows and even coconut.

A really delectable variety is orange flavored sugar coated chocolates which are some of the most favorite sweets you can find around. Some chocolates are also combined with egg bits, some with fruits which are certified favorites among the more famous retro sweets. Some have a combination of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla with a really adorable nougat right at the center. Some bars have crispy rice and caramel. Wherever your buy your sweets, from the retro sweetshop or at a modern candy store, these lovely concoctions are always a pleasure to the palate.

And that’s not all. Imagine your chocolate bar with almond bits and screaming with honeysweet goodness. How lovely it must be to simply thrive on sweets! If you want a more filling candy, get some of those that come with biscuit inside, not to mention a tempting coat of caramel and milk chocolate.

Old-fashioned sweets are particularly extra good because they bring lots of memories back when we were such candy monsters. Remember that retro sweetshop you used to frequent? It probably wasn’t retro back then and it probably doesn’t exist now.

It’s simply great to know that they still make those mouthwatering retro sweets these days. And what’s great is you can find them online. This should make your candy hunting extra sweet and special.


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