Friday, July 17, 2009

How Retro Sweets Make Your Wedding Extra Sweeter

If you want something unique and sweet on your wedding, how about candy buffets as wedding favors? In particular, get your guests a great assortment of retro sweets that will bring them down memory lane in an instant. Yes, those old-fashioned sweets can work that fast. They can just reach for what catches their fancy in candy containers you can spread out in your venue. For sure, they won’t only remember those times they spent trooping to their neighborhood sweetshop when they were kids. They will remember you and your spouse on the day you reminded them of those fun days.

Getting those sweets is not a problem at all, if that’s what you’re thinking. In fact, you can just log on to the Internet and place orders from an online retro sweetshop and they will bring your orders to your door. Just don’t forget to make your candies’ wrappers’ colors match your color scheme so that everything blends well. Actually, you can experiment with those old-fashioned sweets. With the many colors they come in, it must be very exciting setting up your bouquet alone. What more eating them! You can have flowers arranged with the sweets plus ribbons. This will surely be a standout and your guests will not be able to resist complimenting you for your unique idea.

This is also the time to have those creative juices flowing. Think out of the box. Get all sorts of sweets you can think of - lollipops, gummy bears, candy jewelry and everything you think you could assemble marvelously together. It should be nice to have as many varieties as you can or you can get a few and “paint” a nice design with each type composing the each portion. Your guests will also appreciate those giveaway jars brimming with those mouthwatering old-fashioned sweets which are even laced with sweeter memories of their youth.

Just because you’re going through a traditional ceremony such as a wedding doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with things. And you can count on your online retro sweetshop to partner with you in making your wedding as unique and special as possible to last you and your spouse years upon years of sweetness!


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