Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lickin' Liquorice




Anybody who's ever been child in the seventies (and a little of the eighties) surely has his own licorice candy favorite.  Licorice is certainly one of the world's most delightful sweets and it's not just because of its unique, rooty flavor.  This candy is a powerhouse of health benefits that you won't find in any other retro sweets.   This gives it a strong edge over the others because it satisfies the kids' sweet tooth and gives them nourishment as well.


If you ever went crazy over such licorice faves as Black Jacks, Pascalls Liquorice Comfits, Bassetti, Strawberry Twisters, Mighty Imps, Pascalls Pontefract Cakes, Catherine Wheels, Lions Sports Mixture and so on, you'll have a brand new appreciation of these delights after knowing they're such exceptional health treats as well.    Those who know licorice simply as a candy will find it interesting that all its unique flavor comes from the fact that it is a root.  In fact, it has been used for centuries as medicine for a lot of illnesses and its history is quite rich and colorful. The Chinese have been using its health wonders for over 5000 years.  Even ancient philosopher, Hippocrates, is known to have been a fan of this herb which is said to be nearly twice as sweet as sugar.  And the Greeks used it in a variety of ways to promote their health aside from being mainly used as a natural thirst quencher.

Licorice is very unique as a candy because though it is sugar sweet, it's being used by diabetics to help control their blood sugar levels.  It works by increasing one's blood glucose in a matter of minutes after a serving, thus helping those who don't eat as much food as they need.

If you've been having to battle a nicotine addiction for years, you'd probably like to be addicted to any of those very sweet and healthy licorice treats as well.  Doctors themselves recommend the sweeties to those who have had to quit smoking but unsuccessfully so for years.  The candy  is said to help smokers overcome their fixation on the oral stage of development which is said the be the psychology behind hard smoking habits.  Those elongated licorice roots are actually being prescribed to these smokers as an alternative to cigarettes.


After a meal, you might want to pop some black licorice into your mouth as it helps in digestion.  Something that falls under the retro sweets category is, in fact, more helpful because newer varieties rely on chemical flavorings instead of natural extracts of the laxative herb.  There's even more reason to order those wholesale retro sweets from a wholesale retro sweetshop. For that nasty cold and sinusitis, these candies can work wonders by loosening mucus in your nose and throat.  If you're trying to lose weight, have licorice candy in handy as it has a property  that tends to inhibit weight gain.


Liquorice Wood, Liquorice Torpedoes, Lions Midget Gems, Liquorice Wands ... if these ring a bell, don't stall and start filling those cupboards with these tasty and healthful retro sweets.  Licorice is also a great way to introduce an online wholesale retro sweetshop to your kids where they can conveniently choose among vast supplies of those very candies you loved when you were a kid.  Now, it's their time.



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