Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweets Excellence

For every baby boomer that walks this earth, nothing could be as sweet as that era of sweets excellence. And lucky they had sweetest teeth back then. Shrimps, Floral Gums, Space Dust, Anglo Bubbly and Sherbet Pips are just some of hundreds and hundreds of tasteful delights no kid of the seventies and eighties resisted. Black jacks, caramac bars, drumstick love hearts, fruit salads, milk bottles - if you thought they’re gone, you haven’t been faithful enough to research about their continued existence.

Get ready to walk into that candy store once again. It may look different, it may be a different store altogether or it may be an online retro sweetshop, but the goodies are all the same and as mouthwatering as ever. It’s undeniable that the mere thought of those sweets sugary treats could take anyone for a drive down memory lane. Remember sneaking from mom on a Sunday afternoon just to get some jelly babies from that candy store on the corner? You had to sneak because that was all you did all day – get candies (and you were supposed to be napping.) Remember that old tree house where you took a girl for your first date while you munched on those licorice and aniseed balls? You’ll probably agree that as far as your childhood was concerned, nothing could have made it sweeter than those good old-fashioned sweets.

Now if your sweet tooth hasn’t outlived you yet, if it will, you have the Internet to thank. Many sites are now devoted to those heavenly candies and their supplies are vast. In fact, there’s probably no candy you loved back then that you won’t find again now. When it comes to rekindling your love affair with sweets, those online retro sweetshops are your ticket.

Whether you’re making a candy bouquet for someone or filling a whole cupboard for personal consumption, it will be a fun affair. If have kids, you can make them choose among hundreds of options online or off. Tell them a short story about each one they get their eyes (and soon their tongues) on. Tell them how you fancied Space Dust or how you almost missed a day in school because your jaws ached from a whole day of chewing
Smooth Cola Bottles. Let them in on how it was when you were a kid and thought sweets would solve famine in Africa (at least for kids.) They’ll find you cute and love you more!

You’ll find retro candy stores downtown or in supermarkets but if you don’t want to leave room for disappointment (from knowing they don’t have what you’re looking for), take advantage of technology and buy from an online retro sweetshop where stocks are extensive.


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