Friday, July 17, 2009

Sharing Sweet Memories

Deciding on a present to give someone who has a sweet tooth may not be a job too easy. You know they adore anything sugary, only they can’t seem to find the time to pick up some. Why not do it for them? You’ll have to be prepared though because when you talk of sweets, you talk a whole universe of options.

Retro sweets, in particular, make perfect choices because they’re not only sweet for the tongue. They also bring back a lot of sweet memories. Remember Gobstoppers, Bassetti Liquorice Sticks, Kali (and Crystals), Drumsticks, Fizzers and Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Candy Necklaces (and Watches!) and Sugar Mice? Or Sherbet Lemons, Pascalls Kola Kubes, Sherbet Pips, Coltsfoot Rock, Wham Bars, Bonbons, White Chocolate Fish & Chips and mouth-explosive Space Dust?! If your mouth’s watering right now, imagine what it would be like to receive them! Don’t worry, there will be a retro sweetshop that will gladly help you in your sweet cause.

To make things even sweeter, why not personalize your label and attach a heart-melting note? Whether you’re making a candy bouquet or stashing everything into a jar, adding your personal touch always makes a difference. Those old-fashioned sweets should also make up for what little time anyone can manage to spend time with old friends. Just the sight of those colorful wrappers will surely bring a wave of nostalgia that anyone can appreciate.

You probably thought those sweets you adored as a kid aren’t around anymore, but you’ll love the surprise that they haven’t vanished. If you’re thinking of throwing a party for your own kiddos, how else better to share those treasured memories than by having them munch, chew and lick those very thingies you once couldn’t get enough of.

If you’re planning a reunion with old neighborhood friends, retro sweets will be your fastest route to those days. Make sure you have a bottomless supply of those candies you all went crazy about while hanging out in the park or in treetops. You can play music you used to dance your hearts out to or those bands you wished could have been you. Of course, because you’re all grown-up now, you’re going to need a fizzle that’s not Space Dust.

Whether you’re pulling off a retro bash for your kid or pooling sweets for a candy bouquet, retro sweets are guaranteed to set off an explosion of sweetness and nostalgia that humans of all ages will love.


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