Thursday, July 16, 2009

Protein Bars or Sweets?

Did it ever occur to you that those protein bars you always thought were health bars were actually just falsely hyped sweets? Yes, it is possible. While you’re confident that what munching on gives you less than a hundred calories, you could actually be in for a surprise. And you wonder why you haven’t been losing any significant amount of weight when you’ve been solely on that bar for a month.

A lot, if not most, protein bars are presented to the market as health bars but they could actually be sweets you could get from any store or retro sweetshop online. Because they’re candies, they’re naturally stuffed with candy ingredients - sugar for the most part. When consumed in reasonable amounts, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with candies, whether they’re retro sweets, modern versions or what have you. However, making people believe something is what it isn’t is a completely different matter. If anything, it’s deception that does a great disservice to legitimate health bar makers, even to sweets manufacturers and most especially to the trusting public.

If you’re going to spend a little time researching on the ingredients of certain so-called health bars, you’ll find that most of them are laden with high fructose corn syrup. This is sugar you’ll find in most sweets and if you’re on a diet, you’ll meet disaster in the face with HCFCS. Sometimes, you’re blown away by discovering that what you always thought was a slimming bar actually has trans fats from artificial hydrogenated oils. This is both a deceitful and despicable business practice, if not a crime, that the buying public should never tolerate.

If your health bars are going to be this shadowy, might as well succumb to those cravings for sweets by actually buying your favorite candies. It doesn’t mean you should eat tons of them. And for a dose of your childhood memories as well, get retro sweets from a retro sweetshop online and have everything shipped to you conveniently.


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