Monday, July 13, 2009

Retro Sweets That You Can’t Resist

There are things we normally lose to time - age, some friendships, grandma’s hug when she was still alive, and those old-fashioned sweets we thought we couldn’t live without. Or wait, not those sweets. Those trips to the neighborhood sweets store where we asked for a quarter of almost everything we could lay our eyes on and drool over, Space Dust, Gobstoppers, Sweet Tobacco, Sugar Mice, Sherbet Fountains – ring a bell? No, we haven’t lost those sweets to time and we’re not talking about memories. We’re talking about real live retro sweets the way they made them back when we loved to hoard them in those brown paper bags and munched and licked and chewed and chomped them like crazy! Yup, retro sweets are here to stay.

If you loved Fruit Salad with its classic yellow and pink wrapper, fall in love with those famous raspberry-pineapple sweets all over again. Those original giant Drumsticks aren’t getting smaller in size nor in satisfaction. And didn’t you worship those Cherry Lips back when they painted your mouth red and with a little perfumey flavour? These Lips happen to be still some of the most requested retro sweets today. And those Foiled Ice Cups still fill your tongue with those tiny chocolate thingies wrapped in tin foils that give your mouth a nice wave of cold that you so adored. This sweetshop list is, of course, far from exhaustive but it works to transport you back to that time when life was such a big ball of candy.

The good news is, yes, we haven’t lost those old-fashioned sweets to time nor distance. In fact, there’s a good number of sweetshops dedicated to that whole era of our lives when we thought we never wanted to grow old because life was so… sweet. And maybe we were right. But no worries because these days, those candies we couldn’t get enough of as kids are as adorable and still available in extensive arrays in vast supply chains worldwide. Most store owners are even selling their retro sweets wholesale to different varied markets from corporate to individual. If anything, this only proves that this whole fascination for all things sweet and retro is a universal language that we all speak in unison.


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