Friday, July 31, 2009

Shaping Up with Sherbets

If you've made a promise to stay thin and away from candies for life, you might just break it. Those retro sherbets you adored as a kid are making a comeback and they're bound to find their way to you. But don't worry, you could be the same light and happy gal because these sherbets are typically diet-friendly. They used to be one of the healthier retro sweets that mom never asked you to give up when you were a kid, remember?

Now remember these. Double Dip Original with its twin fruity fizzy dip choices and a swizzelstick for a dipping, Cola Crystals that were literally crystals tasting like Coke, Watermelon and Apple Fizz Balls, which were Fizz Bombs' famous taste-alikes we loved more for their apple-watermelon splash in our mouths and, of course, Sherbet Fountains with their sherbet and liquorice stick sticking out with a certifiable oomph from the tube's end. These are all sweet memories we'd always love to go back to and without the excess baggage. That's because sherbets are essentially made of fruit juice and water, thus, expect only healthy types of sugar in them. Even if you had truckloads of those Strawberry Fountains , that wouldn't have made a difference still in your tendency to gain weight or develop diabetes. This is the reason why sherbet sweets are some of the healthiest sweets in town.

Sherbets began as sweetened diluted fruit juice in the Middle East which later found its way to Europe. There, it evolved into a carbonated drink. Because the original sherbet had fruit and would be frozen with snow, it later became a frozen dessert by 1891 while closely resembling fruit-flavored ice then already known as sorbet. Today, sherbets could be anything from juice to ice cream to frozen dessert to, yes, candies. And these are the kinds of candies you won't avoid whatever weight-loss diet you're on. In fact, they could help by coming in handy for your taste buds. At least, these sweet little thingies have very low caloric content compared to that double-deck burger you've been fantasizing about for two days.

Whether or not you're still passionate about these old-fashioned sweets, they can sure make your tummy happy in between meals which is could be exactly what you need to be able to stick to your program and be happy while in it.

Get online and start looking for an Internet-based wholesale retro sweetshop to order those retro sweets you always loved as a kid and could always use as an adult as you try to melt those fats away without the torture.


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