Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ah, That Sweets Goodness!

While candies have been making life sweeter for people for centuries, it’s quite interesting to know that they once started out as medicinal cures. “Sweets” used to be combinations of herbs, spices and sugar and they were supposed to make ill people well. In the 70’s and 80’s, kids enjoyed what appeared to be the best generation of sweets ever, minus the medicinal herbs, and today we call them retro sweets.

There’s no question why these old-fashioned candies are becoming so special all over again. Those who remember their childhood by Flying Saucers, Chocolate Footballs, Space Dust, Sherbet, Licorice and more are all grown up and pining for those memories once made their lives a candy. If you’re one of those baby boomers who defined happy after-school afternoons as quick trips to a neighborhood candy store, you’ll love the fact that they’re back. Maybe not the same store owners but the concept is back.

In fact, you’ll find a retro sweetshop on the Internet and while you might have to skip making those trips to the store with the rest of your candy-crazed gang, you’ll be able to taste that same old sweetness again. A few click of your mouse is all you need to order those favorite treats you probably even went to bed with after brushing your teeth (and mom never knew). Whether you’re craving for Drumsticks, Fizzers and Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Candy Necklaces or Bonbons, you can have that crateful of nostalgia right at your door.

If you have children of your own, those old-fashioned sweets could be great to share your childhood stories over. They’ll love the fact that you’re taking time to bond with them by sharing those candy stories and more. Tell them about those scuffed elbows and your wide-eyed amazement each time you entered that sweets store where you’ve seen those candy-stuffed transparent jars for at least the nth time. They’ll love those stories but most of all, they’ll love it that you’re letting them in on how heavenly it must be to be born to a generation when candies were at their best. After all, they’ll want to taste as they’ll hear. What could be better than that?

There could be many reasons for craving for those good old sweets but if you simply haven’t gotten over them, don’t worry. There’s an online retro sweetshop that can satisfy every little sweet tooth you’ve got and keep it secret.


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