Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All That Hard Candy Goodness

All candy lovers in the world have a fancy for sugar candy, also known as hard candy, in all its divine forms and goodness. Thanks to its rich solution of sugar and mouthwatering flavors, these candies are such lovely creations for the palate that never fail to make anyone smile. All over the world, hard candy has been a staple in every happy childhood and though mom often disapproves, kids always manage to help themselves generously to their passion for these glorious sweets.

Candy or sweets are two terms which could take many different meanings. Licorice is candy, chewing gums are candy, caramel is candy, nougat and marshmallow are candy and so is the famous favorite of all generations, chocolate. All these are sweets and whether they come as retro or any of those new varieties, they're generally known as confectionery or simply, sweets.

The mere mention of sugar could drive every mom crazy thinking this would do nothing but destroy her poor child's teeth. Actually, children's craving for candies are not harmful as long they brush their teeth regularly. In fact, there's more to satisfying a sweet tooth when it comes to kids' passion for sugar. Growing as they are, they will need all that energy to be able to sustain a healthy pattern of growth and development. Sugar is energy and without it, this growth and development will surely be compromised to a considerable extent.

Besides, children are naturally restless and adventurous which are two things they need to be in order to discover new things. Without the extra energy provided by sugar, a child just might have limited room for learning. If only every mom knew about this, she would probably make a habit of buying wholesale retro sweets in order to keep a constant stock for her children.

Besides, hard candy has a lot less calories compared to most other softies such as a caramel-filled chocolate bar, for example. This average-sized candy bar will probably have a minimum of 1000 calories while a lollipop would not even come close to a quarter of that. In fact, if you're thinking of losing weight, and this is not for kids, you'll definitely appreciate a hard candy to satisfy that sweet tooth in you. That's because even with its low-calorie content, its concentrated flavors are usually enough to give those cravings a nice level of satisfaction. For an adult trying to lose weight, this could be a new consideration.

Whether you're feeling up for that sugar for the taste or simply for a little nostalgia with those retro sweets you grew up with, hard candy would usually be the better option. And with a wholesale retro sweet shop that's completely armed with all those hard candies you simply adored as a kid, you will not be disappointed.


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