Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Retro Sweets Are Good For You






Each time you imagine locking yourself up in a roomful of sweets,  especially the ones you grew up with and could never seem to outgrow, you drool instantly and secretly wish it was for real. Why does it feel like indulging in all that candy goodness is such a crime?  Our parents lovingly smothered us with those retro sweets when we were little and yet we were raised in the mindset that these sweets weren't very good for us. But here's what.  Researchers are changing everything one little step at a time.


If this sounds interesting, it is.  You may like sweets but you'll love the fact that chewing gum and even chocolate can actually whiten your teeth.  Proof enough that those orders you placed at that online retro sweetshop weren't that sinful, after all.   Of course, there are other natural teeth whiteners such as celery, strawberries, pineapple and even popcorn but those that satisfy our sweet tooth are always more important. 


Chocolates, on the other hand, are so adorable especially when you know they can save you from a heart attack.  A study conducted by the American Dietetic Association showed that low-calorie chocolate bars containing plant sterols could actually help to lower bad cholesterol.  The study involved male and female volunteers whose cholesterol levels were noted to be abnormally high.  The subjects were split into two sets, the first one having chocolate bars and, the other,  placebos. Turned out the group that ate chocolate bars twice a day showed bad cholesterol or LDL levels reduced more significantly than those who had the placebo.  High levels of LDL has been associated with a number of heart ailments which also happen to be the reason for at least half of health-related deaths in Europe. However, with some good old reliable sweets such as your ever favorite chocolates,  it's probably not a very tough thing to deal with.


Those of us  who couldn't imagine life without these sweets couldn't be happier to find a side to them that makes them legal to hoard. But it doesn't mean you  should stop brushing your teeth or reduce the number times you  do in a day.  Of course, these are still sugars and sugars can still damage your teeth.  You can eat those chocolate bars and leave their good effects to happen internally. This means anything outside, such as your mouth and teeth, should be rinsed with water after eating or better yet, teeth should be brushed as usual. 


Aside from your personal not-anymore-so-sinful consumption, candies make such sweet giveaways at kids' birthdays and weddings.  What's great is you can buy modern or old-fashioned sweets from a wholesale sweet shop which only means you can get those goodies at really great discounts.   Who knows, you might be inspired to open your own candy shop - maybe another wholesale retro sweets store or anything that allows you to share your passion for sweets in the sweetest ways possible.


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