Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh, Lollies!

There's a certain satisfaction from holding onto something in your mouth while holding it up with a stick. This is what lollipops are all about and when it comes to these hard candy wonders, the retro varieties are unbeatable. You're probably one of those lucky kids from that lucky generation when candies were at their best. Lollipops, in particular, couldn't have been better than Fruity Lollies,

Ice Cream Soda Lollies, Jumbo Apple Lollies, Traffic Light Lollies and all the other lollies in the world that made the 70's and 80's home of the best candies in the world. For everyone who loved that generation of retro sweets, you can stop yearning for them because they've come back to give your palate that teasing you have long missed.

Over the years, different lollipop manufacturers have cropped up and the good thing is, fresh ideas have been introduced. Still, those old-fashioned sweets remain to be the most favorite of all. They also come in such wide varieties. There are lollies with all sorts of fillings in them from chocolate cream to strawberry syrup. Some lollies can get even more surprising once you're done sucking on the hard part. There are even those battery-operated ones which twirl in your mouth. Lollipops come in so many fun shapes, sizes and tastes and this is the reason why among traditional sweets, they remain to be such universal favorites.

What's great about these lollipops is you can get creative with them and give them as gifts. They'll be sure to paint a smile on someone's face. If you're not sure about making your lolly bouquet, you'll readily find a wholesale retro sweets shop online to help you out. They will have loads of ideas and lollipops to make your gift the tastiest, most attractive they can get. Little girls will particularly appreciate those colorful lollies shaped in hearts or any other girly object. The possibilities are endless with those lolly gifts. Just get in touch with an online candy store and they'll probably even have a bouquet ready for you. You might even pick up some nice ideas if you've been looking for a way to make extra income without being away from home all the time. Your very own retro sweets retail store sounds just perfect! You can sell all your favorite lollies and all the other old-fashioned sweets you always yearned for when you once thought they were gone.

Tutti Frutti, Strawberry & Cream, Strawberry Ripple, Tongue Painter, Rhubarb and Custard, Tropical Fruit Lollies – can you taste them already?


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