Thursday, September 3, 2009

Toffees and Toffee Retro Sweets

In the world of retro sweets, toffees are a natural favorite. Bonfire Toffee, Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs, Choc Lick (aka Licko!), Cinder Toffee, Coconut Crumble (aka Coconut Nibbles), Creamy Toffee Slabs, Curly Wurly - these were some of the names whose mere mention made our mouths water back in the 70's and 80's when candy ruled half our lives. If you thought they don't make them anymore, they still do - never stopped, actually. The only difference now is they've become hot all over again. Yes, those good old traditional sweets are back and not any less tempting.

Toffees are big because of their strong sugar butter goodness that are such tongue pleasers. If you thought they grew on trees, you're wrong again. They're cooked in pots then molded in trays. Toffee is a heavenly confection achieved with sugar, butter and flour boiling up to a certain degree of heat depending on what type of candy is preferred. The soft and chewy varieties are generally cooked over a shorter time than those hard, glossy ones. The cooking itself is actually simple and fun. At any point, nuts or raisins may be added. Cinder toffees, otherwise known as honeycomb or sponge toffees, are those with bubbles in them. You'd think there's some complicated cooking procedure required, but this bubble attraction is achieved simply by adding baking soda and vinegar while mixing. The reaction results in the formation of carbon dioxide which is then trapped in the mixture.

Surely, nothing beats those old-fashioned toffees you grew up with. Merry Maids, Milk Chocolate Covered Toffees, Mr Tom Peanut Bar, Reeses Cups, Roasted Hazelnut Toffee Slabs, Sharps Toffee Bonbons – if they ring a bell, they need not be trapped in memory. Just search for an online wholesale retro sweets shop and start adding to your shopping cart! When you buy wholesale, you also get to save. Plus, it's always a wonderful opportunity to infect your candy contemporaries with the nostalgia.

You may even be inspired to open your own retro sweets retail store. Or let your kids taste how it was to be a child in your time. Surely, you'll have loads of stories to tell them while munching on those goodies - those trips to the local candy store, the friends you went with and your adventures. Children will love tasting what they're listening about and you'll adore that nostalgic joy with all those old-fashioned toffee sweets you introduce.


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